Isadora Duncan Dance Group (London/Paris)

Barbara Kane (Artistic Director) studied Duncan technique and repertoire in New York (1970-79) with Lillian Rosenberg, Julia Levien and Hortense Kooluris (pupils of Anna and Irma Duncan). Since 1980 Ms. Kane has learned further aspects of the Duncan work in Paris with pupils of Lisa Duncan, in Munich with pupils of Elizabeth Duncan and in Moscow with pupils of Isadora Duncan. Member of the New York based Isadora Duncan Centennary Dance Company (1976-79). In 1985 Ms. Kane co-formed the Isadora Duncan Dance Group (London/Paris) and continues to teach, lecture and perform throughout Europe, North America, and Japan.

Francoise Rageau (Co-Director) began her Duncan studies at the age of 13 with Madelaine Lytton (Lisa Duncan School-Paris). Since 1984, Ms. Rageau has been working with Odile Pyros (Lisa Duncan School, Paris) and with Barbara Kane. Ms. Rageau performs and teaches Duncan Dance throughout Europe and is committed to the continuation and development of Isadora's Art.

Annette Spector (London) began studying classical ballet as an adult. Ten years later, she took courses enabling her to teach dance-based exercises. Through teaching she feels able to communicate the pleasure and physical benefits that she has obtained through dance. Involvement with Duncan Dance and the beauty of its musical interpretation has allowed her to extend these ideals. Studying with Barbara Kane since 1986, Annette joined the Group in 1989. After training in teaching Duncan Dance, Ms Spector now offers classes in London.

Christine Grant (London) studied many performance arts during her degree course in English and Drama at London University, but concentrated on Dance Drama, influenced by Far Eastern theatre forms. After graduating, she collaborated on the choreography of, and performed, a piece for two women at the International Conference of Anglo-Irish Drama in Cannes, Christine began studying Duncan Dance with Barbara Kane in 1989 and joined the Group in 1992.

Betsy Field (London) Betsy studied ballet from age 5 to 15, before obtaining a degree in Pharmacy. After marrying John and having four children she resumed ballet classes and studied tap, jazz and contemporary dance, performing at various venues (including a charity night at the London Palladium ) and dance festivals. On moving to London in 1999 she joined The Company of Elders based at Sadler’s Wells theatre and performed with several London-based contemporary dance companies including a project with Akram Khan at the Royal Festival Hall. Betsy discovered Duncan Dance through her meeting with Barbara Kane in 2000 and is privileged to have been able to study with her since then.

Annette Mouret (Paris) began studying ballet at the age of ten. Later on, drawn to the theatre, she began theatre training with Alexandre Arbatt of the Moscow Art Theatre School whose work is based on the Stanislavsky method. Annette discovered Duncan Dance through Madelaine Lytton in 1987 in Paris and took classes with her for two years. All the while pursuing her career as an actress, Annette has been seriously involved in Duncan Dance since 1989, studying with Barbara Kane and Francoise Rageau. She joined the Isadora Duncan Dance Group in 1992.

Beatrice Pegaz-Fiornet (Paris) began studying dance in 1975 with Marie-Therese Debray at the Irene Popard School in Le Havre, France. In 1988 Beatrice began her Duncan Dance studies with Madeleine Lytton and Odile Pyros. Since 1989 Beatrice has been studying Duncan Dance with Francoise Rageau and Barbara Kane while studying to become a surgeon, joined the group in 2002.

Sandra Voulgari (Athens): studied dance at the State School of Dance in Athens since the age of 12 and has taught dance and performed with several Greek dance groups amongst them ≪Chorika≫ of Zouzou Nikoloudi (1994-2002). In 1991Sandra followed a one year course (Dance Studies) at the Laban Centre in London. She met and studied Duncan Dance with Barbara Kane between 1994 and 1995 while following classes of contemporary dance at the Holborn Centre. After returning to Greece to perform with ≪Chorika≫ for the next eight years (always dreaming of dancing Duncan dance again with Barbara) she joins the Isadora Duncan Dance Group (2006).

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