Hydrocontrol Extended

Versions and Options

All systems are 3 phase capable out of the box.
You can switch between ELC mode and IGC mode with a menu setting.
Intermediate power ratings/channels are of course possible. You can roughly interpolate the price from the below table. Ask for a bespoke quote.

If your dumploads require currents above 12A (more than 3kW at 220V) per dumpload, we can adapt the  design to allow for up to 50 A per channel. Please tell us your requirements.

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Turbine, Generator, AVR, dump loads, capacitor bank, main switch, main contactor not included.
I can help with the research and supply, if you wish.

 Power Ratings
(prices exclude shipping and your local VAT / import tax)
 Euro     USD (approx.)

Microcontroller Unit only

 (use as protection relay or add your own triacs/SSRs))
includes aluminum casing, display and 4x4 matrix keypad



Microcontroller Unit light
board, display and keypad only, no aluminum casing, no auxiliary relays, 15 channel outputs. Use as basic ELC


 Special offer 
4 kw
at 220V, 2 kw at 110V
4 channels, 4 ampere each (≈ 1kw at 220V, 500W at 110V)
or 2 channels at 8A or 1 channel at 16A
weight ca. 20 kg, 500 x 450 x 200 mm
 430 460
6 kw at 220V, 3 kw at 110V
5 channels, 5 ampere each (≈ 1.2kw at 220V, 600W at 110V)
or 3 channels at 8A or 2 channels at 12A
weight ca. 20 kg, 500 x 450 x 200 mm



12 kw at 220V, 6 kw at 110V
6 channels, 8 ampere each (≈ 2kw at 220V, 1 kW at 110V)
or 4 channels at 12A or 3 chanels at 16A
weight ca. 20 kg, 50 x 45 x 20 cm



20 kW
at 220V, 10kW at 110V
10 channels, 8 ampere each (≈ 2kw at 220V, 1 kW at 110V)
or 7 channels at 12A or 5 channels at 16A
weight ca. 25 kg, 50 x 50 x 20 cm



36 kW
at 220V, 10 kw at 110V
12 channels, 12 ampere each (≈ 3kw at 220V, 1,5 kW at 110V)
or 9 channels at 16A
weight ca. 30kg, 50 x 50 x 20 cm


 60 kW at 220V
weight ca. 35 kg, 60 x 50 x 20 cm
 3000 3200

100 kW
at 220V, 50kW at 110V
 27 channels at 12 A + 3 channels at 40 A ( ≈ 10kW at 220V, 5kW at 110V)
or 10 channels at 40A
weight ca. 40 kg, 60 x 70 x 20 cm


200 kW
at 220V, 100 kW at 220V
27 channels  at 12 A + 12 channels at 40 A
or 20 channels at 40A


Above 200kW

The current controller board design allows for 45 channels at 40 A, switching 1800 A or 450 kW in total. More is possible by combining 2 or more controller boards.

However consider regulating the power generation by also regulating the water flow. This saves the cost for providing and switching dumploads, and it saves water, especially if you have a water reservoir.
The microcontroller board provides water regulation feature as standard.

 + custom-izations


for hydrocontrol electronic load controller


(all options not mentioned here are provided as standard)

 (prices exclude shipping and your local VAT / import tax)  Euro USD (approx.)
Mobile communication

GSM mobile control and feedback via SMS 
including antenna with 4m cable
(SIM card and mobile phone contract not included)


SD card adapter
for backing up settings
needed for ethernet network
long term logging of system data



Ethernet or WLAN; CAN bus / MODBUS /SCADA connection
it would enable you to watch all parameters realtime. This feature is still in beta phase. Real time graphs not available at the moment.
The main purpose of the network feature is that you receive a warning if critical parameters go out of range, for example via email. (without you having to look at the parameters all the time)

 120 135

Lightning protection
Extended surge protection
Phoenix contact 3 phase
Prerequisite: The installation/building needs to be adequately grounded.
 800 900

Redundant power supply

Second 5V powver supply for redundancy.
Primary voltage110/220VAC.
If you have a12/24V DC battery power supply on site, this second power supply can also be powered by 12/24V.

 40 44

DC monitoring

 Isolated, potential-free DC monitoring input.

This is a special galvanically isolated analog input to monitor the voltage of a battery, e.g. 12V lead battery. For example useful for systems which have a battery as power supply backup.

Additional analog inputs
 32 additional A/D inputs to monitor all kinds of things like bearing temperatures, voltages, currents etc.

If your system has sensors in other components (e.g. temperature sensors on the turbine bearings or sensors from water valves, water intakes, water tanks, pressure sensors,  etc.), the information from these sensors can be put to use.

Sensors not included.
inputs not isolated, connected to DC ground / AC neutral

 30 33

Electrical switch gear

Main switch (manual switching of user line)
Main contactor (automatic switching of user line)
Main ciruit breaker MCCB (molded case circuit breaker, overcurrent protection)

depends on current rating