Teacher Reflection

On this page the report of students' feedback will be available.

The student feedback will help teacher reflect on Flipped Classroom on following parameters:

  • Was the resource (Video + reading) enough to carry out activity?

  • Was the resource available to learner is various formats - like print, video, online, offline etc?

  • Were students able to use various devices to access internet resources - like mobile phone, laptops, PCs etc?

  • Were the learning objectives achieved in the flipped learning?

  • How did teacher identify that the learning objectives are achieved or not? (For example, any online quiz or answers on reading/viewing resources were taken during the activity?

  • Was the environment flexible enough to provide learners opportunity to work all alone as well as in group?

The teacher check list:

  • Have you trained learners in watching educational videos?

  • Have you trained learners in note taking from videos?

  • Have you trained learners in webquest?