District Reports

FIMSUL' s strategy involved working with Non Governmental Organizations for consulting with stakeholders.

The following table provides the list of NGO partners in the various coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and the number and type of stakeholder consultations in each district.

The six NGO partners went through the process of holding the District level stakeholder consultations followed by focus group discussions and household interviews and then holding validation workshops to ensure that what came through the earlier consultations was validated.

A common methodology was evolved for the stakeholder and livelihoods analysis. A guide was brought out and the six partner NGOs were trained to follow a common procedure.

FISMUL'S NGO partners

District Stakeholder Consultations:


Thiruvallur and Chennai Districts DSR 1

Kanchipuram and Villupuram Districts DSR 2

Cuddalore District DSR 3

Nagapattinam District DSR 4

Tiruvarur and Thanjavur Districts DSR 5

Pudukottai District DSR 6

Ramanathapuram District DSR 7

Thoothukudi District DSR 8

Tirunelveli District DSR 9

Kanyakumari District DSR 10


Puducherry DSR 11

Karaikal DSR 12