What To Expect

I want you to know what to expect when you come see me. Each visit you’ll be greeted with friendly professionalism and honest concern. I’ll ask “what can I do for you today?”

I’d like for you to tell me what you want me to do for you, where on your body you want me to work, and where you hurt (if you do). I offer ½ hour, hour, hour and ½, and 2 hour sessions at $20 for each half hour.

I’ll explain that I break the body up into three general areas:

· Face down/scalp thru glutes

· Face down/entire back (posterior side) of your body

· Face down/entire back (posterior) and face up/entire front (anterior)

of your body

The reason I break the body up into these three distinct areas is so I don’t waste time working on sections of your body you don’t necessarily want or need. I do a few total body relaxation massages, but most people I see want or need therapy in specific areas.

This is your time and your money. I want you to be satisfied on how it’s being used and what you’re getting.

After you let me know and we both agree on the above; we’ll start to work. You can remain totally clothed, partially clothed, or have no clothes on at all. You will always be appropriately covered per state statute and local ordinance.

Per joint agreement; I’ll work everywhere on your body that’s Moral, Legal, and Ethical (MLE) and you’re totally comfortable with. That’s the major issue. It may be MLE but if you’re not comfortable with me working certain areas you’re not going to relax. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW. My objective is to get your muscles and other soft tissues to relax and become balanced. Only then will you find that your issues/problems start to diminish.

If I’m working on your glutes, for example, and I find and you agree areas closer to “No Touch” (NT) areas need assistance then I’ll always ask if you’re alright with me working there. If you are; we’ll continue. If you’re apprehensive and not comfortable with me working those areas you’re not going to relax and we’re wasting your time and money. WE BOTH DON’T WANT THAT. I’m concerned about you and want you to receive only the best therapy in a comfortable safe atmosphere.


Also I work according to the Medical 0-10 Pain scale. Most articles I’ve read indicate a 5 on that scale is “uncomfortable” pressure. If I don’t push you gently past that 5 you won’t receive much therapy. A low 6 is “tender” pressure. A high 6 is “kind of sore” or “hurts so good” but you can breath through it pressure. And a 7 is where I’m working an area and it bothers you enough that you start to tighten up what I’m trying to loosen for you. I may temporarily roll across it, but we need to stay away from that pressure as much as possible. I want to keep you in the low to high 6 area for maximum therapy.

We’re a TEAM. We need to work together to get you better. And you need to make sure you let me know if you’re uncomfortable with anything we talk about or I’m doing.

I eagerly look forward to serving you.

David Todd