Todd's Code of Ethics

1. I’ll always have a positive frame of mind and share that feeling

with everyone I meet

2. I’ll spend so much time in the improvement of myself that I’ll

have no time to criticize others

3. I’ll look for the good in myself as well as the good in others so

separately and together we can find and develop a sense of


4. I’ll NOT shame or belittle anyone else for doing so only shames

and belittles myself

5. I’ll work to develop love, loyalty, and happiness in my family for

no other success in life can compensate for the lack of success

at home

6. I’ll be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am my own

7. I’ll develop myself to the maximum in all my ways

8. I’ll remain loyal to my country and obey its laws even if I don’t

agree with them. If I disagree with them, I will strive to

change them …. not disobey them

9. In order to learn and grow in as many different ways as possible

I’ll maintain an attitude of open- mindedness toward the

viewpoints of others while holding fast to those I know to be

true and honest

10. I’ll maintain respect for the “position” of authority even if the

person in that position doesn’t deserve it because of what he

or she’s said or done

11. I’ll forgive myself for my past mistakes and go forward to achieve

greater things with the future I have left

12. Most importantly, I’ll find time each day to thank my “Creator” for

the wisdom and knowledge He’s given me to accomplish those

tasks in life if I just receive and follow