I'm from Sioux City, Iowa, a key stop on the Lewis & Clark Trail. These guys rock.

Hello and welcome to Chem Conservator! I designed this site to showcase the unique ways in which I am pursuing a career as a conservation scientist.

I'm Lyndi and I'm passionate about actively chasing my dream job because it represents the perfect combination of my interests. My goal is to protect history through science. In May 2021, I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, a minor in art history, and a certificate in museum studies. Next up on my journey is graduate school at William & Mary with the Meldrum Lab!

I adore visiting all types of museums because I'm eager to learn new things -- both for lifelong learning and for additional perspective in my career field. I believe learning in unique ways can have the biggest impact on a person, which is why I love museums and other exciting educational opportunities. Explore the rest of this site to find out how I'm learning beyond the classroom through undergraduate internships, research, study abroad, and course projects.

When I'm not being a total nerd, you can find me outside hiking or in the kitchen baking. I like to spend time with family and friends exploring new places. I'll never turn down a slice of pizza and I'm always down for ice cream!

Connect with me on Twitter to ask a question or follow along on my epic museum adventures!

Curious which museums I've visited? Check it out ↓

Museums Visited
One of my goals is to visit all 13 Presidential Libraries by the US National Archives. So far I've been to four--this was taken at Eisenhower's in Abilene, Kansas.