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New research

  • Marie Boltz, Bart Cockx, Ana Maria Diaz, Luz Magdalena Salas (2020). "How Does Working-Time Flexibility Affect Workers' Productivity in a Routine Job? Evidence from a Field Experiment" Working paper Department of Economics, UGent 20/1007, IZA Discussion Paper No. 13825, ROA Research Memorandum 2020/6, IRES Discussion Paper 2020030, CESifo Working Paper No. 8663. IZA Newsroom. Last version.

Update research

  • Cockx Bart, Michael Lechner and Joost Bollens (2020), "Priority to Unemployed Immigrants. A Causal Machine Learning Evaluation of Training in Belgium", last version (12/03/2021).

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UGent ontwikkelt computeralgoritme om werkzoekenden toe te wijzen aan opleidingen (22/06/2020)

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