Recent discussion papers

  • Andrea Albanese, Bart Cockx and Muriel Dejemeppe (2022). "Long-Term Effects of Hiring Subsidies for Unemployed Youths---Beware of Spillovers", UGent Department of Economics Working Paper 22/1053, LIDAM Discussion Paper - IRES/2022/19, CESifo WO no. 9972.

  • Bart Cockx, Koen Declercq, and Muriel Dejemeppe. "Losing Prospective Entitlement to Unemployment Benefits. Impact on Educational Attainment", UGent Department of Economics Working Paper 22/1049, LIDAM Discussion Paper - IRES/2022/15, CESifo WP no. 9852, IZA DP 15439.

  • Sam Desiere and Bart Cockx. "How effective are hiring subsidies to reduce long-term unemployment among prime-aged jobseekers? Evidence from Belgium", Working paper Department of Economics, UGent 21/1025, CESifo Working paper No 9325, IRES Discussion Paper 2021/24 .

  • Cockx Bart and Stijn Baert (2015), "Contracting Out Mandatory Counselling and Training for Long-Term Unemployed. Private For-Profit, Non-Profit, or Keep It Public?, Working paper 2015/913 Sherppa, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Ghent University, IZA-9459, CESifo 5587, IRES 2015-22.