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Early access Presale Tickets for 2/18 available beginning Friday, Feb 5 @ 8pm!

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New, online entry system!  What consignors are saying:
"I have had no problems getting items loaded so far.  I am liking this online option for selling!"

"The process was super easy and went much quicker to prep.  It was also great knowing that
what I was packing up in the car were items that were already purchased."

"There was less fuss and fewer materials for listing items, only having to package and bring items that sold.
Really liked the flexibility of online shopping. I think all the logistics of drop off and pick up
were very well organized and went incredibly smoothly."

"The extra hours you can shop, and at convenient times for the shopper!"
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All Seasons of Children's Clothing (0-juniors), Halloween Costumes, Outerwear, Winter Gear, Boots, Shoes, Toys, Books, Gift-able Items, Layette, Baby Equipment, Room Decor, Bathing Suits, Dance wear, Maternity & Nursing Clothing, Home Goods & More!

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All-4-Kids is proud to support and donate to the Easthampton Community Center

Thanks so much for your interest in our sale. We hope you will be able to be a part of it in some way. We need many sellers, workers, and shoppers just like you to help make our sale a success. We are grateful for the community support and participation that has been growing since the fall of 2003. Please help us spread the word by sharing this site and sale information with friends and family as we prepare to open the doors for our 18th annual Spring Sale!  We look forward to working with you or welcoming you as a shopper to our sale. If you are new to All-4-Kids, and would like to receive email correspondence from us, sign up to be on our mailing list.


Important Online Sale Dates

                         Consignor Registration: Opens January 25 7pm

                         Online Item Entry Deadline: February 14
                         Online Presale: February 18
                        Online Public Sale Dates: February 19 & 20

                         Online 1/2 Price PreSale: February 20 (evening)
                         Online 1/2 Price Sale: February 21

                         Consignor Drop-off of Sold Items:  February 25 & 26                

                         Shopper Pick-up of purchased Items: February 27 & 28 - 2 College Highway, Southampton, MA