How do I become a Consignor?

10 STEPS TO BECOMING A CONSIGNOR For In-Person Sales (see below for expanded instructions)

1. Register Online for a 4-digit consignor number, or log in as a returning consignor to register. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $12 that you will be asked to pay at the time of registration using Paypal with either your Paypal account or a credit card. If you do not remember your login information, you may click on the "forgot your password" link to have it sent to you, or email and request to have your password reset.

2. Reserve a Drop-off Appointment so we will know when to expect you with your items, prepared and ready to sell. One 15-minute appointment for each 150-200 items you have is a good estimate. If you bring more items than can be accommodated in the time you have reserved, you will have to take the remaining items home with you, or reserve another drop-off appointment if one is available. If you are a consignor working a check-in shift, you may sign up for an appointment during the check-in shift you are working. One spot per worker if possible please. If you are working a check-in shift and need more than one appointment, please sign up for time slots that are not during your shift.

3. Print the Consignor Recall Waiver Form, prior to selecting items for consignment.

4. Gather, Inspect, & Select items for consignment. There is a 25 item minimum in order to participate. Everything must be clean, complete, without flaws, pilling or stains, and in working order. Check What's For Sale? to see what we accept and for links to CPSC

5. Prepare & Organize your items - Wash, iron (if necessary), zip zippers, button buttons, snap snaps, remove lint, make your items ready to sell!

6. Hang, Tag, & Price your items according to the Tagging Instructions.

7. Order Barcodes by Logging into the Consignor Homepage.

8. Drop-off items at your designated time. Print out Consignor Recall Waiver and bring with you.

9. Reserve Pick-up appointment and pick up unsold colored-tagged items at the designated time and location.

10. Get your check in the mail within 2 weeks.


All new and returning consignors must fully register in order to participate. New consignors will receive a seller’s number. Returning consignors may log in with their previously assigned seller number and password. Seller’s numbers will automatically be printed on all of your bar codes, and should be written on all index card tags in the upper left-hand corner. Please see tagging instructions, and ordering bar codes in the consignor drop-down menu on the main page. To register, click on one of the following links:

Returning Consignors, click to go to the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE. Register, accept the seller agreement, reserve a Drop-off time, select a work shift, and order bar codes with one log in!

New Consignors, click HERE first to register and receive a seller number. Once you have a seller number, you may access the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE. Please be sure to read below for detailed information regarding all aspects of preparing your items for the sale.

To unregister as a Consignor: If you register for the sale and then later decide you will be unable to follow through as a participant, please unregister at the website. If you do not notify us about withdrawing and do not come to your scheduled drop-off appointment, your participation in future sales will be restricted. If you decide not to participate, please remember to vacate your drop-off appointment as well as any work shift(s) you will not be able to keep. You are welcome and encouraged to work even if you cannot consign!


Reserve an appointment so we will know when to expect you with your items, prepared and ready to sell. One 15-minute appointment for each 150-200 items you have is a good estimate. Consignors are limited to two appointments and up to 400 items. If you bring more items than can be accommodated in the time you have reserved, you will have to take the remaining items home with you, or reserve a second drop-off appointment if one is available. If you are a consignor working a check-in shift, you may sign up for appointment(s) during the check-in shift you are working.


Before you begin tagging, print the Consignor Recall Form as a guide for you. If you don't know what this is, please ask in the FB Group. Sign it, and bring it with you to your drop-off appointment. This form is also available on the Consignor drop-down menu and on our Printable Resources page. Consider it your admission ticket for your Drop-off appointment.


Clean out those closets, basements, and attics! Gather everything your children have outgrown or do not use anymore. Using natural daylight in front of a window, inspect clothing items for stains, rips, pilling, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, pet hair, excessive wear, etc. Inspect toys and other items to make sure they are not broken, dirty, dinged up, missing pieces, or recalled by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Click HERE to visit the CPSC website and to ensure none of your clothing or toy items have been recalled. Select only seasonal clothing items at this time. Set aside your consignable off-season items for the next sale. You will already have a head start! Please take care when selecting your items for consignment. Keep in mind we want to maintain our reputation by offering for sale only items that are clean and in good condition. Please see What's For Sale? (updated regularly) for a list of acceptable/not acceptable items and links to CPSC where you can check for recalls on toys, furniture, baby equipment, and car seats. We suggest you have a couple of boxes nearby as you sort - one for items suitable for consignment, one for Salvation Army or Goodwill, and one for “toss it”! This way you don’t spend time washing, preparing, and tagging items we may reject. Our shoppers appreciate the quality, which in turn benefits us all.


Wash, iron (if necessary), repair buttons and fasten them, snip loose threads, zip zippers, snap snaps, ensure toys and games have all parts and working batteries, gather missing pieces, and do whatever is necessary to ensure your items are in excellent condition and ready to sell. Items will be inspected as they are brought in at your assigned drop-off time. Items that are dirty, damaged, or incomplete will not be accepted.


All items should be tagged properly in order to be accepted for sale. Important Pricing Info! We strongly encourage each of our consignors to carefully consider the pricing of their items. If our consignors continue pricing their items fairly, All-4-Kids will continue to be a win-win for both consignors and shoppers! Here are some Pricing Guidelines. Please follow the tagging instructions carefully.

You will need the following materials to take you through the tagging process:

    • Hangers - wire, tube, or children's size (preferred). Please use appropriate sized hangers for the size of clothing you are hanging.

    • WHITE 3x5 index cards for items you wish to DONATE to charity if unsold.

    • COLORED 3x5 index cards for items you wish to CLAIM if unsold, & ALL large outdoor items – you must reclaim these if unsold.

    • Standard sized safety pins (no straight pins or TINY small safety pins).

    • Ziploc bags for shoes, accessories, and toys with small or additional parts.

    • Masking tape to affix tags to books, puzzles, board games, etc.

    • Packing tape to affix tags to toys (scotch tape is not strong enough)

    • String or ribbon for tying shoes securely together.

    • Black or blue sharpie marker for writing on tags (no red please)

    • Rubber bands for securing games and puzzles

Click HERE for Tagging instructions and hanging examples


Please note: Every barcode must be attached to an index card, Items with barcodes attached directly to an item will not be accepted at check-in. In the case of items that are smaller than an index card, you can place the item in a bag with a tag. In the case of books, 1/2 index card may be used.

Once you have priced your items, you are ready to order your barcodes. Using barcodes makes checkout a snap, but that is not the only thing we do with our barcodes. As a consignor, the barcodes will keep track of the number of items you sell, as well as how much each item sells for.

Some pricing tips:

When pricing your items, price them competitively – price to sell! We strongly encourage each of our consignors to carefully consider the pricing of their items. If our consignors continue pricing their items fairly, All-4-Kids will continue to be a win-win for both consignors and shoppers! Feel the rewards of all that cleaning out, and make your paycheck bigger. 25-30% of retail is a general guideline. This may vary with brand names and condition of items. We would like to have a lot less to hand back to you at pick-up time!

Let things go for ½ price on Sunday! It’s better to get 50% of the price then to have to bring home things you can’t use anymore. There will be many hours of full-price sales, prior to the 1/2 price sale where your items will have an opportunity to sell! If you are using white tags and are planning to donate unsold items your barcodes must be discounted.

For those of you who are new to Barcoding or haven’t yet developed a system of your own, here are some suggestions below:

    1. First make the index card tags for your items including all relevant information, and affix to the items – please see a sample on our Tagging Instructions page.

    2. After you make the cards, decide what price you want to sell each item for and whether you will want it discounted during our ½ price sale on Sunday and write that information on the bottom of the index card – you will cover this with a barcode later. See Pricing Guidelines for suggestions.

    3. Once you have written up all your cards, make a list of all the barcodes you will need (10 @$1.00 no discount, 4 @ $4.00, 5 @ $8.00, etc.) You might like to use this handy Barcode Order Sheet to help you put your list together. (You can also bring this with you to drop-off well in advance of your appointment, and we can print them for you. In order to have time to stick the labels to your index cards BEFORE your drop-off appointment, please come plenty early. Please allow adequate time to order and adhere your labels, as the drop-off schedule is very busy and we try not to get backed up.)

    4. You may now go to the computer with your list, log in to the consignor homepage, and order your barcodes. Once logged in on your personal homepage screen, click on “order barcodes” and you will be taken to the barcode ordering screen. Put in the price you want on the label, the number of labels at that price, and whether to allow the discount. You will then click “submit barcode”. A list will begin to appear where you can view all the different prices and quantities you have entered so far. Once you have entered all the codes you need, you will then click on “submit order” to the right of the screen. This is an important step, and the order will not go through without clicking "submit order". You will then receive an email with your barcode file which you can print at home on Avery style Labels, email to a printer such as Paradise Copies or Staples in Northampton, or put the file on a thumb drive and take it to a print shop. Laser or high quality ink jet printing is required. Please see Barcode guidelines and troubleshooting tips for complete details.

*Important: If you change your mind about pricing or discounting, you must use a new barcode label. Please do not stack barcodes by placing a new barcode on top of an old barcode - make a new tag with a new barcode rather than sticking a new barcode over the old barcode. We will compare all stacked barcodes at check-out, which takes extra time, so we ask that you create a new tag and barcode. In the event of a stacked barcode, the bottom bar code's consignor number is given credit, and if the consignor numbers on both barcodes match, the lowest price will be used. Also, crossing out and changing information will not work as the information is embedded in the barcode itself.

Finally, it is essential that you sort your clothing items by gender and size, and try to group toys, books, etc.

Ready to order your Barcodes? You may order barcodes on the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE .


Just a reminder if you are working during one of the check-in shifts, to sign up for a "Reserved" slot only. Be sure to read, sign, and bring the Consignor Recall Waiver with you to your drop-off appointment. We begin accepting items for drop-off by appointment in the days before the sale. Once registered, you may log in to the consignor homepage where you can view the available drop-off times. You will need to reserve a time slot so we will know when to expect you. You may reserve more than one drop-off time slot IF you need to. A good guide is one 15-minute slot for every 150-200 items you have. Please remember to bring your items fully tagged, and sorted by gender and size to make it easier for our volunteers to place your items. You will need to wait while our volunteers inspect your items, and you may even be asked to help place your items. Items that are dirty, damaged, incomplete, recalled, out of date, or baby equipment that is older than 5 years, will not be accepted. Please review our list of Acceptable Items on the What's For Sale? page.

You may schedule a Drop-off appointment by going to the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE . Please be sure to bring the Consignor Recall Waiver with you to your drop-off appointment.


You may pick-up your unsold colored-tagged items after the sale has ended in the same location where you dropped off your items. Please bring laundry baskets, cartons, rolling luggage, etc. to help transport your unsold items, as we don't have extra boxes we can give you. If you are unable to pick-up your unsold colored-tagged items at this time, you may designate a friend or relative who will pick up items on your behalf. Please be sure to let us know at drop-off if possible if someone will be coming on your behalf. All unsold white-tagged items will be donated to charity. Unsold colored-tagged items that are not picked up by 5:00pm on Sunday will be donated.


Consignors will receive a check within 2 weeks following the sale date. Please make sure to enter a full and correct address when you register, so we can mail your check to you. Please be sure to update your contact information on your personal consignor homepage if anything changes, or inform us at check-in when you bring your items. Consignors should be able to view their sales totals on their Consignor Homepage shortly after the sale ends. The amount shown will reflect a default 60% of sales, and will not include the extra percentage of sales (70%) if a consignor volunteers a full three hours.

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