Suggested topics for a thesis

In general, my theses make use of secondary data. Those I am more familiar with are publicly available:

Other datasets are of course available. These types of dataset generally contain information at the individual level on finances, health, behavior, opinions, expectations, and psychological aspects. I suggest to look at one or more of these questionnaires to find a suitable research question.

A non-exclusive list of topics follows, in no particular order. I am also open to discuss further topics outside the list.

  1. Stock investment and religiosity

  2. Risky investment and psychological conditions

  3. Philantrophy in times of crisis

  4. Expectations on future economy trend and knowledge of the market

  5. Bequests and parental assistance

  6. Self-serving bias in the expectation on future price of your own house

  7. Waste sorting, billing policy and waste tourism

  8. Propensity to sort waste

  9. Propensity to waste food

  10. Accuracy of political claims in Italy

  11. Personality and age perception

  12. Financial literacy, health literacy and education

  13. Life satisfaction and social status

  14. Bribes and cultural barriers in Africa

  15. Workers' performance within a team: Evidence from Italian professional soccer