Current research

My research interests span across household finance (portfolio choice, financial risk), economic policy analysis (pension systems, auctions, waste management), behavioral economics (dishonesty, lifetime traumas), and in general applied micro-econometrics.

Below I list the projects I am currently involved in; updated versions of the papers are available upon request.

  1. David Boto-Garcìa, Alessandro Bucciol and Martina Manfrè, "Saving Behavior: Financial Socialization and Self-Control"

  2. David Boto-Garcìa, Alessandro Bucciol and Luca Zarri, "Managerial Traits and Firm Performance: Evidence from Professional Elite Soccer"

  3. Sarah Brown, Alessandro Bucciol, Alberto Montagnoli and Karl Taylor, "Financial Advice and Household Financial Portfolios"

  4. Alessandro Bucciol and Serena Trucchi, "Locus of Control, Saving and Propensity to Save" [Working Paper]

  5. Alessandro Bucciol, Simona Cicognani and Natalia Montinari, "It's Time to Cheat!" [Working Paper]

  6. Alessandro Bucciol, Chiara Coriele and Luca Zarri, "The Shared Non-cognitive Roots of Health and Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from the US" [Working Paper]

  7. Alessandro Bucciol, Martina Manfré and Marcella Veronesi, "The Role of Financial Literacy and Money Education on Wealth Decisions" [Working Paper]

  8. Alessandro Bucciol, Raffaele Miniaci and Sergio Pastorello, "Financial Risk Aversion and Time Horizon of Long-Term Investors"

  9. Alessandro Bucciol, Simone Quercia and Alessia Sconti, "Promoting Financial Literacy among the Elderly: Consequences on Confidence" [Working Paper]

  10. Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri and Jenny Wagner, "The Trauma Hypothesis: Does Personality Change after Negative Life Events?" [Working Paper]