Week 4

Consider how to move forward in your anti-racist work.

Read this excerpt from Tiffany Jewell's This Book is Anti-Racist, about making the choice to call someone in or out when confronted with problematic behavior.

Listen to this episode from the Be Antiracist podcast with Ibram X. Kendi. This episode explores the intersection of economic and social policies with expert Heather McGee. (42 min)

Watch this video about the experience of intergroup anxiety, which can occur when we interact with people from marginalized groups. (6 min)

  • Daily Journal: Make sure to log your progress each day. This is a great place to jot down a few notes about how this week's content has impacted your thinking.

Prompts for Discussion

Think about your circle of influence. Where can you commit to making change?

Consider the various types of activism that we can engage in. How can we avoid engaging in clicktivism, or performative allyship?

Do you have a preference for calling someone in vs. calling someone out? Have you had experience with either of these scenarios, either as the person giving or receiving feedback?

Have you ever experienced intergroup anxiety?

Conduct a personal audit.

You've taken the Implicit Association Test, pinpointed your place in your Racial Identity Development, and taken action in supporting local groups working towards equity in your community. How else can you ensure that you're working on being anti-racist everyday?

Consider your environment: take a close look at the representation of BIPOC in your books, TV shows, podcasts, music, and social media feeds. Select a BIPOC-owned organization to support monetarily.

Set an actionable goal for yourself for the next 3-6 months.

Explore More

Read this list from Vice, and make sure that you have a factual understanding of the historic and modern oppression of Indigenous people.

Listen to this episode of the CTZN podcast, on why antiracist work is really about protecting Black lives, and why White people need to stop centering themselves in "doing the work." (59 min)

Read this article from the NYT on the impact of our social and cultural environment on our children's perception of race.