Week 3

Consider the importance of identity and intersectionality.

Read this article from the NYT on the historical context of Jewish identity, and how perceived whiteness can impact the experience of Jewish people.

Listen to this episode from the Self Evident podcast, about how the term 'Asian American' can mean different things to people who identify under the vast umbrella of Asian American. (40 min)

Watch this TED talk from Kimberlé Crenshaw on the intersection of gender and racial bias, and the experiences of people who identify with more than one marginalized group. (19 min)

  • Daily Journal: Make sure to log your progress each day. This is a great place to jot down a few notes about how this week's content has impacted your thinking.

Prompts for Discussion

What do you know about the 'model minority' myth? How is this myth perpetuated in our community?

What does it mean to be intersectional? How could you discuss the concept of intersectionality with the people in our lives?

Read the descriptions of Racial Identity Development (RID)* and determine which stage of the cycle currently applies to you. Have a conversation about your RID with someone in your life.

*Note that the RID stages differ depending on racial identity.

Explore More

Listen to this episode of the All My Relations podcast, which features stories and discussion surrounding Native representation and experiences. This particular episode talks about the experience of identifying as both Indigenous and queer. (56 min)

Read this article from Learning For Justice, about how whiteness operates in schools, and the impacts on students of color.

Watch this TED Talk with Luvvie Ajayi Jones on how to prepare yourself to speak up when faced with uncomfortable situations. (11 min)