Cast Information

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What else do I need to know?

How much does it cost to participate in the Junior Musical? $125 Pay-to-Participate for both Cast and Crew.

Checks should be made payable to “New Albany Middle School” with “Jr. Musical” in the memo line. These are to be turned in to your school office.

Costume elements: Most costumes will come from the NAMS costume department. Students will need to provide some costume elements such as slacks, trousers, leotards, tights, character, ballet and jazz shoes. You will be provided a detailed list.

Student Responsibility:

Please understand that it is the student’s responsibility to complete schoolwork obligations and to communicate with teachers. Rehearsal expectations can be found on the portal under “Cast Information”.

Rehearsals & Attendance:

Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals and performances unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Director. Please schedule lessons and other appointments around rehearsals. When one cast member is absent; teaching and learning for others is very difficult. If illness occurs, please contact the director. Thank you in advance for your help with scheduling!

New Albany Middle School Theatre Dept.

Rehearsal Expectations

These rules are basic to any theatre company. Cooperation with proper rehearsal etiquette is mandatory.

    1. Rehearsals will start promptly. All required company members should be in the rehearsal space at least 5 minutes before the scheduled call time with script and pencil ready to begin work. Arriving early allows you to take time to clear your mind for the rehearsal.

    2. Check the NAMS Theatre Dept. portal for changes. Rehearsal schedules will change from time to time and all company members will be informed of changes via REMIND.

    3. Absence policy. Absences other than for illness must be approved by the director in order to be excused. Company members missing more than two rehearsals for any reason, or any dress rehearsal can be immediately released from their responsibilities with this production.

    4. Dress appropriately. Wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes to allow for freedom of movement. The school dress code policy is still in effect during rehearsals occurring after school.

    5. Bring your script, notes, pencil (with eraser) to each rehearsal. Never be caught without these important items.

    6. No gum, food, or candy in the rehearsal room. You may eat a healthy snack before the rehearsal begins. Water is the only drink allowed in rehearsals.

    7. Hair should be kept out of the face. Your face is the most expressive part of your body; it needs to be seen and unobstructed from view.

    8. Visitors are not permitted in rehearsal unless prior permission has been granted by the director.

    9. No talking during rehearsal. Casual and excessive talking is disruptive to the rehearsal process and will not be tolerated.

    10. Stay in the rehearsal room. You are not to leave the rehearsal room for any reason unless you have the director’s permission. When participating in NAMS Theatre activities you are required to stay in supervised areas at all times. At the conclusion of rehearsal you are to wait outside or inside the front entrance for your ride, or walk home. Please do not roam the building.

    11. Take notes, listen to directions, respect the directors. These three rules are basic to the success of any actor or crew person. Your productivity and work ethic will be judged upon these three rules. Actors will be expected to learn lines and directions quickly. Crew members will be expected to remember and follow directions as well. Rehearsal and line study must take place at home as well.

    12. Use your time wisely. If you are not in a scene, use your wait time to read over and memorize your lines, study, or do homework. There will be many times you will have to sit and wait for your scene; be prepared for this. Be very tolerant, patient, and quiet while waiting.