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Congratulations to the Crew of Frozen Jr! : Crew List Here

Frozen Jr. Crew Information: Here

Important crew information:

A subject to change crew calendar is available to view on our website under "Calendars"

During Tech and Dress rehearsals, performances, and strike, attendance is mandatory. Conflicts will be taken into consideration when selecting crew members. Depending on duties, some crew members will be present on different days.

A musical production cannot succeed without a strong crew that is supportive of each other, and the current production.

Crew members are, and should be able to be focused, creative, willing to work, and willing to have fun!!

Crew can be stressful at times, but it is a valuable learning experience.

The jobs with more responsibility are usually assigned to crew members with more experience, and have worked on crew before.

All crew member positions are vital to a successful performance whether you are working onstage, backstage, in the lobby, etc.

Crew assignments are subject to change at the discretion of the Director.

Being a crew member is supposed to be a fun experience for all of you! We want you to have fun as a part of the crew, and we want this to be a great experience for you.

Crew can have scheduled meetings separate from cast, in addition to attending general rehearsals to prepare for the show. These meetings will be meant for open ideas that need to be discussed before the show month. Ex: Marketing, ticket sales, prop ideas, etc. Sometimes, the crew will have specific dates and call times (separate from cast). Please make sure to follow the crew calendar on the website, and view the description on the calendar with details.

Select crew members will start showing up to cast rehearsals a week or two before show opening night.

Crew will be notified via remind texts, emails, and the calendar on the website to know when the crew is needed at rehearsals, and tech week.

Thank you for your interest in crew!

Any questions?

Please contact Director Melissa Gould