Reputation & Crisis Management

The geography we address places a premium on Reputation Excellence in quality of product, customer service, contribution to the regional ecosystem, and sensitivity to local customs.  The value of integrity and "face" in one-on-one interactions, group interactions, social media and government-to-government relations cannot be underestimated.  

We work with clients to navigate social and traditional media to ensure their reputation is supported and enhanced in both business as usual scenarios and during crisis situation. We undertake emergency reputation mediation and restoration assignment in the event of unforseen attacks on a company's reputation.

We offer the following:

  • Reputation Audit & Assessment – Vulnerabilities & Impacts
  • Strategies for Reputation Excellence - Positioning, Visibility
  • Reputation Shaping  Point of Difference
  • Reputation Strategy Execution & Risk Management
  • Leadership & Talent Development via Scenario Simulation 
  • Emergency Live Crisis  "Issue" Containment and Media Management
  • Below the Line  Message Strategy & Placement
  • Black Swan Outside-the-Box Brainstorming & Scenario Analysis