Little Free Library Garden



We are so excited about our new Little Free Library Garden out front at Wayne Hills!

Thanks to a generous grant from Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the PSEG Foundation, we were able to create a garden space out front near the main entrance. What was once a muddy, barren wasteland is now filled with native plants, a water fountain, benches, and of course, our own Little Free Library.

The benches are intended to facilitate conversation and relaxation, and the Little Free Library is a place to take-a-book to read, or leave-a-book you'd like to share (anyone can take or leave one- no forms or fines- if you fall in love with a book, please keep it! If you wish to return it, put it back in the book house, or in any Little Free Library).

Pathway with new plantings, glow-in-the-dark pebbles, fountain, and painted rocks from our ESL Students that say "Welcome" in a variety of languages (all rocks were reused after being unearthed during planting/installing the paver path)

We have birdhouses for our feathered friends, as well as a birdbath and fountain to create a zen environment. We also have fresh mint growing (just next to the bench on the left) and tomato plants (next to the bench on the right).

You can see the glow-in-the-dark stones (they turn from pink to yellow at night!) and solar lighting illuminate the garden in the evening, and during the day, read the various versions of "Hello" and "Welcome" that were painted onto rocks by our ESL Students. Our National Honor Society students put in the paver path, mulch, and most of the plantings, helping change the entire facade of this section of our school. The Art National Honor Society contributed painted rocks with sayings and beautiful artwork.

Tomato plants, solar lighting, glow-in-the-dark pebbles, and rocks painted by our Art National Honor Society Students!
Our wrap-around bench and birdhouses

Special thanks to Mr. Yost's Fab Tech class, who created the library "house" from upcycled scrap lumber and glass, and donations from:

Farms View Roadstand (Wayne) - donated two flats of pansies

Canete Garden Center (Wayne) - donated the shrubs and a few flowers

Ace Hardware (Lincoln Park) - donated 15 bags of mulch



Snapshots of our students at work!

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More close up photos of our garden space!

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