The Great Gatsby

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Primary Source Sets:

The New Woman
This set of primary source documents illustrates the women's movement’s ideals, the women who embraced it, and a society made uncomfortable by this seismic shift in the roles of men and women.
Starting in the late nineteenth century, more women remained unmarried, gained education, organized for women’s suffrage, and worked outside the home. But these changes didn’t come easily or without pushback from both men and women who were not used to the notion of women’s independence.

A Day in the 1920's

Daily Life Through History:
Provides info on all aspects of daily life from antiquity through the present day from reference works, monographs, and primary documents. Search by era, region, or subject. Colonial and Native American and other ethnic cultures are featured. Weblinks to multimedia sites, video, and audio files are available.
Go to ABC-Clio Social Studies Databases and then click on Daily Life (choose the year you want),

Pop Culture Universe: The 1920's

Although the 1920s are often remembered as the Roaring Twenties, an era of unprecedented prosperity, the decade began with the nation gripped in a serious economic recession. After the end of World War I in 1918, industrial productivity declined, unemployment rose, and consumer spending dwindled. The sluggish economy rebounded in 1922, due in part to the manufacturing industries that produced automobiles, radios, and other consumer goods. Throughout the rest of the decade, industrial production nearly doubled.
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The Roaring Twenties

A part of the series America in the 20th Century. Best known for its flappers, gangsters, and jazz, the Roaring Twenties was also an era of social tensions and political change. This program is a time capsule of a boisterous era that began with a surge of hope and ended on the verge of the Great Depression. Topics include the presidencies of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge, the post-World War I “return to normalcy,” the economic boom and the affordable Model T, the Red Scare, Garveyism, the Scopes trial, Prohibition, and the unique pop culture of the decade. Instructor's guide for this video is available on the webpage for it.

Flappers: The Birth of the 20th-Century Woman

Living in the era of The Great Gatsby, flappers succeeded in breaking through the barricades of gender prejudice and social inequality on a large scale. Using vibrant archival film clips and interviews with women who came of age during the Roaring 20s in Britain, this program chronicles the emergence of the modern woman in the aftermath of World War I. Higher education for women, the entry of women into politics and the professions, women’s suffrage, new attitudes toward sexuality, and other topics are addressed within the historical context of the early 1900s.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Concise Biography

This overview of the biography and writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald from the Famous Authors series traces Fitzgerald’s life and influences—from his birth in St. Paul, Minnesota, to his university days at Princeton, literary celebrity, and frivolity in New York; to his status as social purveyor of modernists in Paris; to his tumultuous marriage to the talented but troubled Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald and following alcoholic spiral.

Modernist Portraits: American Passages: A Literary Survey

Jazz filled the air and wailed against the night. Caught in the sway, American prose writers sought out the forbidden — the slang, the dialects, and the rhythms of the folk and of everyday life. Writers such as Hemingway, Stein, and Fitzgerald forged a new style: one which silhouetted the geometry of language, crisp in its own cleanness.

John Green teaches about the United States in the 1920s. In the 1920s, America's economy was booming, and all kinds of social changes were in progress. Hollywood, flappers, jazz, there was all kinds of stuff going on in the 20s. This will teach you about the Charleston, the many Republican presidents of the 1920s, laissez-faire capitalism, jazz, consumer credit, the resurgent Klan, among other topics.


The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald, New Edition: Series: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations. A selection of cohesive essays on The Great Gatsby, introduction by the editor, a detailed chronology, a bibliography and an index.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography by Norma Jean Lutz

Pre-Curated Articles:

The Great Gatsby and the 1920's Article from ABC-Clio by Veronica C. Hendrick examining social classes, setting, and characters
The Loss of the American Dream Article from ABC-Clio examining how, through Gatsby's experience, Fitzgerald is describing what the American Dream became in his time
Women in the 1920'sArticle from ABC-Clio examining Economic and Political Power, Women's Rights in the 1920's, and Daisy and Jay Gatsby's relationship.
Why be Honest? The Scandals of the 1920sArticle from ABC-Clio examining the scandals of the 1920's, and how The Great Gatsby reflects them. Looks at The 1919 World Series, the Teapot Dome scandal, and Prohibition and Crime

Texts we have available in the Library:

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For specific topics, see below.

On Gender Roles:

The mommy myth : the idealization of motherhood and how it has undermined women (Copy: 34180000307070) 306 DOUMasculinity : gender roles, characteristics and coping (Copy: 34180006002646) 305.31 MASSame difference : how gender myths are hurting our relationships, our children, and our jobs (Copy: 34180000305717) 305.3 BARFlappers and the new American woman : perceptions of women from 1918 through the 1920s (Copy: 34180000302672) 305.4 GOU


Controlling people : how to recognize, understand, and deal with people who try to control you (Copy: 34180000304427) 158.2 EVAMasculinity, bullying, and aggression : a guy's guide (Copy: 34180000306408) 155.5 NAV

Psychology Reference:

Psychology & behavioral health. Volume 1, Ability tests-Community psychology (Copy: 34180000307904) 150 PSY v. 1Psychology & behavioral health. Volume 2, Comorbidity-Health psychology (Copy: 34180000307924) 150 PSY v. 2Psychology & behavioral health. Volume 3, Hearing-Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) (Copy: 34180000307925) 150 PSY v. 3Psychology & behavioral health. Volume 4, Parenting and behavioral addictions-Sleep (Copy: 34180000307906) 150 PSY v. 4Psychology & behavioral health. Volume 5, Sleep apnea-Zimbardo, Philip (Copy: 34180000307905) 150 PSY v. 5

Emotions, The Brain, and Memory:

Emotional design : why we love (or hate) everyday things (Copy: 34180000302956) 155.9 NORThe pleasure instinct : why we crave adventure, chocolate, pheromones, and music (Copy: 34180000304538) 152.4 WAL
The seven sins of memory : how the mind forgets and remembers (Copy: 34180000307066) 153.1 SCHWillful blindness : why we ignore the obvious at our peril (Copy: 34180000306086) 153.7 HEF
How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain (Copy: 34180004002689) 152.4 BAR

On The Great Gatsby (Lit Crit):

Class conflict in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The great Gatsby (Copy: 34180000303377) LIT. RES. 809 FITGatsby : the cultural history of the great American novel (Copy: 34180004004412) LIT. RES. 809 FITCritical insights : The great Gatsby : by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Copy: 34180000305160) LIT. RES. 809 FITClass conflict in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The great Gatsby (Copy: 34180000303377) LIT. RES. 809 FIT

American Dream:

The American dream (Copy: 34180004004545) LIT. RES. 809 BLOCrisis of faith (Copy: 34180000307022) LIT. RES. 809 BLOCritical approaches to literature : psychological (Copy: 34180000309030) LIT. RES. 809 BLOThe American dream : a short history of an idea that shaped a nation (Copy: 34180004001897) 973 CUL

The 1920's:

The Jazz Age : a historical exploration of literature (Copy: 34180000308766) LIT. RES. 809 GREThe roaring twenties : an eyewitness history (Copy: 34180000115980) 973.91 STRThe twenties in America (Copy: 34180000307567) 973.91 CAR Vol. 1The twenties in America (Copy: 34180000307579) 973.91 CAR Vol. 2The twenties in America (Copy: 34180000307582) 973.91 CAR Vol. 3

Literary Criticism:

American writers : a collection of literary biographies (Copy: 34180000301337) 810.9 WRICyclopedia of literary characters. Volume two, The death of Artemio Cruz - An insular possession (Copy: 34180000307983) 809.4 LIT v. 2Identities and issues in literature. Volume 2, Emigration and immigration-On these I stand (Copy: 34180000303467) 810.8 IDE v. 2Twentieth-century literary criticism. (Copy: 34180000307826) 809 TWE v. 1Twentieth-century literary criticism. (Copy: 34180000101870) 809 Twe v. 6Twentieth-century literary criticism. (Copy: 34180000308416) 809 TWE v. 14Twentieth-century literary criticism. (Copy: 34180000308430) 809 TWE v. 28Twentieth-century literary criticism. (Copy: 34180000308538) 809 Twe v.157


There are a lot of websites on the internet (anyone can make a website!), and many of them are based on people's opinions, outdated data, or questionable information. It is important to be able to tell these apart from reliable sources that are current, authoritative, and accurate. In order to do this, you can apply the C.R.A.P. test for evaluating resources, which was developed by Molly Beestrum, and is used by educators and students. The link below to Evaluating Websites is to a website that delves into the specifics of how to evaluate a resource, and be sure it is something that you want to use in your research.
Evaluating WebsitesThis website, part of Colorado Community Colleges Online, explains how to evaluate websites using the C.R.A.P. test. Comprehensive and easy to understand, it's an excellent resource for teaching students to evaluate websites.
One of the most important things when writing a report or researching is to give credit to your sources. This is called CITING your sources, and the links below will help you to do that properly. PLAGIARISM is when you copy an idea or quote and do not give credit, so it is important to cite not only quotes, but paraphrased ideas as well. You can use the links below to help you ensure that you are giving credit properly and effectively.
Citing Sources with Easy BibEasy Bib has resources to check your citations, as well as information on how to properly cite in MLA and APA format.Citing in MLA FormatEverything you need to know to cite in MLA formatCiting in APA formatEverything you need to know to cite in APA format

Boolean Search

A Boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be "hotel" AND "New York". This would limit the search results to only those documents containing the two keywords. For a great reference on a way to search BETTER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY, use this link