How to Dropship on eBay as a Complete Beginner in 2022! (Step-By-Step Guide)

In this video, Rogerio shows us how to dropship on eBay as a complete beginner in 2022 (step by step)

eBay Dropshipping for Beginners in 2022


0:00 Intro

0:09 How to dropship on eBay as a complete beginner in 2022

0:40 5 Steps to Succeed when Dropshipping on eBay

0:57 Step 1: Sign Up on eBay

2:19 Step 2: Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

2:50 Step 3: Finding winning products to dropship (Over the Shoulder)

6:44 Step 4: Listing Items

8:46 Step 5: Keeping a Healthy Store

10:02 How to cancel orders on eBay

11:06 Outro

In this video, we will be discussing how to dropship on eBay in 2022, so that you can run a successful eBay dropshipping business.

5 Steps to Succeed when Dropshipping

Step#1: To get started eBay dropshipping, you need to sign up to an eBay account. To do this, go the eBay website and go to register at the top right corner and click sign up for an account.

Note: Put the correct details because eBay is going to validate and if the information is incorrect they could ban your eBay account and once you get banned it's hard for you to open up another eBay account. Use existing eBay account if you have one and look for products and save them to your watch list.

Step#2: After creating eBay account, start finding products that you want to work on. This step is important if you want to keep eBay dropshipping profitable. Walmart is my favorite eBay dropshipping suppliers of all time for

Step#3: We have 7 steps to finding winning dropshipping products:

NOTE: In this example, we are using walmart as they are reliable suppliers, however if you want to find the most untapped and best dropshipping suppliers, you can take this method and apply it to any other suppliers website or online store.

Step#1: Search Walmart brands in google

Step#2: Go to the Zik Analytics tools and click search tool and paste for example, Mainstay.

Step#3: Click search for mainstays and view the eBay sellers selling mainstays products.

Note: This way you will find a dropshipper selling mainstay items which means they are using Walmart as a dropshipping supplier.

Step#4: Click Scan seller

Step#5: Click item finder to find the items and click save to folder.

Step#6: Go the folder to view the items you save from the list and introduce automation with zik pro.

Step#7: Click zik pro and select autopilot to view the product in the list.

Note: This tool is used by the people who don't have time to do whole manual product research.

Step#4: Click upload selected to view the items to the lister, select lister to autoDS, select marketplace to, select store to zikanalytics and click upload listings, go directly to AutoDs.

Note: AutoDS will monitor the supplier's prices and make sure that you are always in profit. The main benefit of using autods is that you are going to be able to set up auto fulfillment which means that you're not going to have to copy and paste your customers address and name every time you make an order.

Step#5: After you have listed products, maintain your eBay store so it stays healthy.

6 things to keep in mind:

Category#1: Send message to eBay customer after the sale.

Category#2: Send message to your eBay customers with correct tracking number when the product is shipped.

Category#3: Handle open cases quickly.

Category#4: Answer questions about products with precision.

Category#5: Fight for positive feedback

Category#6: Cancel orders correctly.

Note: Emphasise the importance of cancelling orders correctly. If you need to cancel the order, just make sure you do not cancel the order for an item being out of stock because you will get a defect and massive effect in store performance.