Hulu is one of the most demanded streaming platforms that is founded in 2007. The ownership of Hulu is currently with Disney and Comcast but the Walt Disney Company holds the majority stake of Hulu. Previously Hulu was only available in Japan and the US. But now it is available across the world. Also, Hulu allows its users to watch their favorite shows on different devices as per their convenience. The following is the list of all eligible devices of Hulu:

Let us begin the app download from the store.

  • Start the search and wait for the search results

  • As you get the channel search results select the app and start pressing the download tab

  • The next step will suggest you to login with Hulu account credentials. "covid-19"

What is www.hulu.com/activate?

Hulu is a premium online streaming platform offering some great shows and movies. It comes with a subscription plan, which you can change as per your need. You can sign-up and binge watch series without any ads. There are thousands of shows and movies in the streaming library. Further, once the Hulu activate process is completed, you can access to even more content by subscribing to premium networks like HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME and STARZ.

What are the features HULU?

Hulu provides wide range of personalized content for viewers to watch. It also allows user to create profiles for every member of the family and stream from two screens at the same time. Since, there are different categories in the Hulu channel, you can watch below listed collections-

  • Android tablets and Phones

  • Apple TV

  • Chromecast

  • Amazon Fire TV and Stick

  • iPhones and iPads.

  • Playstation

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Samsung TV

  • LG Smart TV

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox 360

  • Roku and Roku sticks

If you have any of the above devices then you can watch Hulu by following few steps of activation. In this article, we will discuss how can you activate Hulu on your device without any hassles.

How to Create a HULU Account?

If you wish to be the customer of the Hulu via many streaming devices, here are the steps to sign in to your Hulu account. After syncing your Hulu account, you can start to stream many trending and classic tv shows which you wish. Now Hulu streaming service is also available as the Hulu Plus application.

  1. Open the browser and surf to the hulu.com/activate site

  2. If you are the first time user, tap on the “try Hulu for free” by activating this

  3. Option you enjoy your favorite shows for free for seven days

  4. You will get the new screen, which be suggests you enter the credentials

  5. After completing this step tap on the Hulu sign up and tap on the continue option

  6. You need the card credentials to enjoy the Hulu after you complete the free trial of seven days

  7. To complete the activation, confirm the registration code, and now you can start to use the Hulu account

  8. Finally, you need to browse to the hulu.com/activate site and enter the credentials to sign in

How to activate Hulu from www.hulu.com/activate?

  • Do not worry if you do not have an account to activate the Hulu account visiting the respective page.

  • Download the 'Hulu app' 'IOS' visiting the store and begin to open the app

  • Choose the free trial or paid version option that is visible on the screen.

  • You will be navigated to Activate My Hulu account page where you can enter the username and password for your account


How to Enter Hulu Activation code in www.hulu.com/activate?

  1. Step 1: Open the Hulu app on your streaming device and tap on the login option.

  2. Step 2: You can view an option to activate Hulu from your computer. Tap on this

  3. option and generate the device activation code. Note the code carefully which appears on the screen

  4. Step 3: After getting the activation code, surf to the hulu.com/activate site from your computer. Tap on the login to Hulu account option

  5. Choose the “manage your device” or “activate your device” option.

Hulu.com/activate on Roku


Firstly, you need to sync the Roku to start the activation steps. Then open the channel hub and search for the Hulu channel on the find tab. Once you get the result and add the channel by tapping on the ADD CHANNEL option. Now the channel icon will appear on the screen. If not, then check that there is any software update on the Roku. If yes, then process the steps for the software update. After completing the software update, ensure that you find the channel on the Roku screen.

Do you have a Roku streaming device at your home? Start the Hulu Channel activation right away. "Android"

  • Power on the streaming device and begin with the device setup

  • Double click on the streaming channel tab and start the search by typing channel name

  • Tapping on the add channel tab will add the channel automatically

  • Hulu activation code Roku must be typed on the hulu.com/activate page.

  • Proceed with the hulu activation steps

Note: To activate Hulu on Roku, You need to activate your Roku Streaming Device Using the URL Roku.com/link.

HULU Activation on Fire stick

Firestick users can execute the below steps for HULU Activation

  • Turn on the Firestick device and look for the channel icon on the screen

  • If the icon is not visible, add the channel first

  • You can now log in with the sign in credentials

  • Move to the page hulu.com/activate and start typing the Hulu device activation code.

The Hulu activation process is successful and you can talk to our network team for assistance by Dialing.


How to Fix Hulu Errors?

What is Hulu Activation Code?

It’s common that you will end up with Hulu streaming issues & to get rid of it 2. Suggest you to check if the network connection is active and page that you use for activation is valid 3. If you prefer using Hulu apps, try uninstalling the app & installing it once again 4. Opt for the latest & best live Hulu channel packages for better streaming 5. Restart your streaming gadget & check if you can get rid of Hulu channel activation & streaming issues 6. Check if Hulu plus login credentials that you use are valid & secure."covid-19"

To start using Hulu Activate, visit www.hulu.com/activate and enter Hulu activation code to activate your Hulu subscription. Hulu activation key is a 6 -character alpha-numeric code. As a sample hulu product key to let you understand: 5HG5KJ.

Get hulu subscription of your choice

After successfully logged in your hulu account, you will be automatically redirected to subscription page to activate hulu channels.

  • Select the suitable subscription package.

  • Make the payment for that package as directed by the website.

  • Start streaming the channel on your device.

Activate hulu channels at www.hulu.com/activate

  • Go to hulu application in your device and open it.

  • On the screen you will get the option “Activate hulu from computer“.

  • Click on Activate on a computer to get your unique Device Activation Code.

  • You will get activation code on your TV Screen.

  • Unique Device Activation code is combination of 6 alphabetic and numeric characters. Here is a sample code : AS56HF

  • Now open web browser and go to www.hulu.com/activate

  • Go to hulu account section

  • Login or create new account

  • Click on “Activate your device”

  • To activate hulu channels, enter hulu activation code and click on “Activate button”

  • Within 25- 30 Seconds, your device will be activated in hulu account and your susbcribtion will be activated.

Get Hulu.com/activate on your mobile devices

Hulu is not restrict just with smart TVs and streaming devices. User can also watch their favorite movies and seasons on smartphones or on iOS. Here are the steps user can get hulu activate on their mobile devices.

  1. Open the app store on your phone.

  2. Search Hulu and tap on the first app that appears on the list.

  3. Start the download.

  4. Wait until the app has been downloaded and a Hulu icon is created on your home screen.

  5. Tap the icon to open the application on your phone.

  6. Enter your account details and start streaming your programs right away.

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