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Updates: December 2022

By January 1, 2023 (or sooner if possible), residential customers will need to have their trash located in a container at the end of the driveway due to liability & insurance matters.

  • SERVICE DELAYS: Unfortunately this year has brought some unexpected challenges. We have received one truck & another on backorder since last year due to manufacturing delays. We are unable to get mechanical service on our trucks in the area due to equipment and/or personnel issues and this has caused further delays in getting repairs. In addition, the Transfer Station's new hours of closing at 3:00pm for commercial can cause delays as we are not always able to empty trucks to continue our routes. While we do our best to work around these circumstances, we do appreciate your understanding as we try to prevent delays in our service until some situations beyond our control are resolved.

  • SERVICE REMINDER: Please have trash out by 7am until dark. If trash is not picked up the regular day, then please have out again the next day by 7:00am until dark. We do not guarantee a time or day due to daily fluctuations & variations in traffic, weather, volume and more. Due to acts of God (such as icy roads) or closings by the Transfer Station, be aware that our trucks may not be able to run. Therefore we may pick up another day in the week or it may be at the next pickup date.

Please see our SERVICE page for more information & thank you again for the opportunity to provide service.