How to Setup Plex to watch movies on your device?

Plex is a media server where you can save your movies, shows, and other media at one place to access it from any other device. It is a user-friendly platform that allows all the users to watch their movies offline anytime. There is a common problem with everyone that people have so many media files on their laptops, mobile phones, and computers but they can only access them on that particular device only. Also, these media files need a huge storage area and a good processor to play. "covid-19"

The solution to these problems is Plex. Plex.TV/link allows users to save all their media files like photos, movies, videos, and other files in one place. Also using your server password and username you can access these files from any corner of the world. Now, if you are new to this platform you may have confusion like how can to create an account on Plex? How can I save my media files here? Is it safe to use Plex? Etc. This article is an answer to all your questions so let’s move ahead.

Benefits of Plex.TV/LINK

Check out the benefits of having as follows:

Include what you want if you are using streaming platforms like amazon prime video or Netflix then there is a problem with them which is their catalog. You need to go through the whole catalog to find the show or movie which you want to watch. But here in Pex server, you can include only those movies or shows which you want to watch and late you don’t need to scroll the whole catalog to watch them.

§ Continue where you left

If you are watching a movie or show or photos on plex and suddenly your device switched off or you need to do something important and you switch off the device. Still, you don’t need to worry because next time when you go to Plex the server will show you where you left and ask if you want to continue from the same point or not.

§ Adjust video quality

Plex provides the best user experience via its video quality. You can manually adjust the video quality of the videos or it will automatically adjust the video quality for you."covid-19"

How to create an account on Plex?

Refer to the below-stated steps to create an account on Plex:

  • Go to the official website of Plex Tv at

  • Find Sign up option and click on it.

  • PLex allow you to sign up via four methods which are as follows:

1. Continue with Google

2. Continue with Facebook

3. Continue with Apple

4. Use an email address and password to create an account.

  • Choose the method you want and you will be redirected to the dashboard of Plex of your account.

You can stick to the free version of plex but here you will not be able to watch movies from the Plex server. You can only watch movies or videos which you will upload. So, purchase the subscription by click Go Pro if you want. You can also download the Plex server by clicking on “Get your Plex Server”. This will allow you to choose the device or operating system on which you want to download your Plex Server.

How to connect your device with a Plex TV using

If you want to watch Plex using big-screen applications like Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV ext then you need to link your TV with your Plex TV account. To do the same follow the below-stated steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to the app store or channel store of your device and search for a Plex TV application.

  2. Launch the Plex TV application and click on the sign-in button. If you are new here then click on Signing up option.

  3. After sign in you will be redirected to the new screen presenting a 4-character link code with the information were to use this code. Save this code to link your device with plex.

  4. Now go to the using a mobile or computer provided internet connection.

  5. Further,at Plex TV link you need to login to your account and if you don’t have an account then create one.

  6. On the next screen enter the 4-character link code for linking process.

  7. Click on the link button and after success refresh your device on which you want to access Plex.

The above-stated steps are the same for all the devices provided if they are eligible for plex. There are lots of things you can do with Plex TV link. Apart from watching movies or videos, you can also track what to watch on remote access, organize all your media, optimize media to enhance the bandwidth, and also protect your privacy. It is one of the most amazing media platforms to enjoy with family and friends.

Connect a Player App to Your Plex Account

When using a Plex player (e.g. client) app, the first thing you’ll usually do is to connect it to your Plex account. Connecting or linking your app signs it in to your Plex account, which has multiple benefits, including:

  • Help Plex apps locate and connect with an owned or shared Plex Media Server

  • Many Plex apps (such as PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox) will only work when both the app and server are signed in

  • Allows player apps to connect securely to a Plex Media Server that’s also signed in

  • Make use of Plex Pass subscription features, if you’re a subscriber

  • Access your server when away from home (if you’ve successfully enabled Remote Access for your server)

  • Access shared content from family or friends

The way you connect an app to your account can vary, depending on which app you’re using.

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Sign in Directly with Email/Google/Facebook/Apple

Apps where you can easily type things (e.g. mobile apps, the web app, and our website) will allow you to directly sign in to your Plex account. You can use any of the standard sign-in methods for a Plex account:

  1. Email (or username) and Plex account password

  2. Google Login

  3. Facebook Login

  4. Sign in with Apple

Connect to Your Account Using a Link Code

Our big screen apps (such as Android TV, Apple TV, smart TVs, etc.) generally allow you to connect the app to your account by way of a 4-character link code. This allows you to connect to your account without having to laboriously enter login credentials via an on-screen keyboard or similar.

  1. The first thing you’ll generally see is an information screen, giving a little info about Plex and telling you where to sign up to create an account, if you don’t have one already. Assuming you do have an account, you can choose the Sign In button.

  2. You’ll be presented with a 4-character code, which is what you’ll use to connect the app with your Plex account.

  3. In your browser on your desktop or mobile device, go to and ensure that you’re signed into the appropriate Plex account.

  4. Enter the 4-character code and submit.

  5. After the code is submitted, your player app will refresh itself a few seconds later and be linked with your account.

The device linking process of is very easy, but still, if you need assistance to solve any kind of your issue then you can contact us anytime.

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