Plex is a media server where you can save your movies, shows, and other media at one place to access it from any other device. It is a user-friendly platform that allows all the users to watch their movies offline anytime. There is a common problem with everyone that people have so many media files on their laptops, mobile phones, and computers but they can only access them on that particular device only. Also, these media files need a huge storage area and a good processor to play. "covid-19"

The solution to these problems is Plex. Plex.TV/link allows users to save all their media files like photos, movies, videos, and other files in one place. Also using your server password and username you can access these files from any corner of the world. Now, if you are new to this platform you may have confusion like how can to create an account on Plex? How can I save my media files here? Is it safe to use Plex? Etc. This article is an answer to all your questions so let’s move ahead.