Pietro Gori

Holding a Ph.D. in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, I am currently researcher at the Institute of Philosophy/Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the NOVA University of Lisbon (IFILNOVA/FCSH), where I am also in charge for the chair of Philosophy of Science.

I am director of the "Lisbon Nietzsche Group;" member of the "Association HyperNietzsche", the "International Nietzsche Research Group," and the "Ibero-American Network of Nietzsche Studies" collaborator of the "Internationale Nietzscheforschungsgruppe Stuttgart".

Since 2019, I am also member of the Association of Italian Reserchers in Portugal (Hipácia).

My fields of academic interest are History of Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Sciences. Within them, I work most extensively on Friedrich Nietzsche's engagement with modern science; Ernst Mach’s epistemology; and William James’s pragmatism and radical empiricism. On these topics, I published several books and papers in peer-reviewed international journals and volumes.

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Ongoing projects:

I am currently involved in an editorial project on The Practices of Truth, together with my colleague Lorenzo Serini. The collective volume we aim to edit shall outline a path in Western philosophy, starting from the Sophists's engagement to truth, to the most recent debates on post-truth and value ethics.

I am also working on a book on Ernst Mach which is supposed to include the results of my recentest studies. The book shall be devoted to Mach's contribution to fundamental issues of the history and philosophy of science, with particular attention to his critic engagement with scientific realism.

A further ongoing project is the translation into Italian of William James's "Some Problems of Philosophy". This critical edition of James's book will be published by Mimesis, and I shall write an introductory essay on the genesis, the value and the general scope of the text.

I am also editing an introduction to Friedrich Nietzsche that will collect papers written by the members of the Lisbon Nietzsche Group. The book is intended for Portuguese undergraduate students and young scholars, and for that reason it will be first published in Portuguese.

A project I am outlining deals with the philosopher of science Mary B. Hesse. I would like to work on the post-empiricist view of natural science she outlines, and make her reflections on the metaphorical value of scientific language dialogue with contemporary conceptions which recently revitalized notions such as "perspectivism" and "fictionalism" within the history and philosophy of science debate.

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