Follow the steps to Paychex Flex Login and perform them as it is.

Note: Both the login and will lead to the login page.

Genuine website User Interface

  • Before anything else, go through this link.

  • You’ll see the official Paychex homepage. (Make sure the URL is or

  • On the top right corner, you’ll see the Login option. Just click on it. 9 See the above image for reference).

  • In that login page, tap on the Paychex Flex login link (WWW.PAYCHEXFLEX.COM).

Paychex Flex Official website UI

  • Then, you’ll get a page to login.

  • Enter your username and click on “Next” sign up for new account

  • You’ll see your account page within no time.

That’s how you need to login to Paychex Flex online eServices.

Login through Mobile Apps:

If you want to use Paychex Flex payroll on mobile, then try the app on your device.

§ App for Android

§ App for iOS

Install the mobile app according to your operating system and log in safely

Paychex Systems:

In that Paychex payroll business login page, you’ll also see other Paychex systems (My Paychex, Business eServices, Time and Labor Online, Payroll etc).

If you want to login to these Payroll business services, you should select your role (Employee, Admin, Financial Advisor, and Accounting Professional) and the system you want to access. Then, you’ll be taken to the payroll login page of that particular system. Provide your employee payroll details and continue to sign in.

Recover Paychex Flex Password and Username

Follow this process to recover the Paychex flex payroll Username or change the Password.

  1. Go to the login page which is WWW.PAYCHEXFLEX.COM or and click on “Forgot Username or Password?”.

  2. Then select which one you want to recover and enter the necessary details like Email address and Username.

  3. Complete the captcha verification and click on Continue.

  4. You’ll get an email from Paychex business solutions containing your login details.

  5. You can contact the support services or paychex business solutions for further help

That’s how you can reset your Paychex Flex business or payroll login information. Small business owners can contact Paychexflex HR for help or to access your online payroll.

PaychexFlex.Com Sign up for New Account

These are steps you need to follow to create or sign up for a Paychex Flex account.

  • Foremost, visit URL WWW.PAYCHEXFLEX.COM Sign up page or use this link.

  • Click on the “Sign-Up” on the webpage of PAYCHEXFLEX.COM.

  • There are five stages to create an account. They are Personal Information, Security Information, Security Level, Account Information and Email verification.

  • Provide the necessary details and Continue.

  • After going through all the above stages, you’ll have your new account.

That’s all! Now you have the account in Paychex Flex.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Paychex Flex Login

What is Paychex Online payroll?

Paychex Flex is a very convenient platform for Online Payroll for business. Paychex lets you track your business Payroll and communicate with your employer. They provide a solution to businesses for Online HR and payroll. This will save lot of time businesses and helps employees access their payroll details online. Employees also can access insurance details, access other business resources. Paychex flex is great for small business owners and employees.

How to use Paychex Flex App?

Yes, Paychex has an app for both Android as well as iOS gadgets. The app can be installed on both these devices and you can log in from your mobile.

  1. Get Paychex App for ios

  2. Get Paychex Flex Android App

How do I contact Paychex for help?

You can contact Paychex Customer Service by calling this number – . Also, access their support page to see even more resources.

What is Paychex flex phone number?

Paychex flex phone number for support is Can I get my W2 from Paychex flex? No, you can not get your W2 from Paychex because they have a contract with your manager. They can’t provide W2 without your employer’s approval. So, you should get W2 from your employer.

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That’s everything I wanted to tell small business owners regarding Paychex Flex login full website. Changing the password and signing up for a new small business account with Paychex is a great decision. If you have any queries to ask, then feel free to post them in comments. Share this tutorial to help other small business owners and support our services.

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How do I get my pay stubs from Paychex?

You can access Check Stubs after logging in to your account. After logging in you will see Check Stubs sub-menu in My Account Dashboard page. If you don’t see your Pay Stubs then click on the link to know more details.

What is Paychex Flex Account?

Paychex is an online platform Human Capital Management solution developed for employers of Small, Mid-range and large scale companies. Paychex Flex will be helpful for any employer, irrespective of their industry. In simple terms, it’s the all in one solution to manage your employees from hiring to paying their checks.

How do I contact Paychex?

Call number to reach the official Paychex flex support for all kinds of queries.

How do I set up a Paychex flex account?

Visit URL on your browser.

2. Then Go to flex, then Click on the Sign-Up button which is on the top right corner.

3. Enter your personal details and hit the register button.

4. Verify your email id and then use your details to log in to your Paychex flex account.

5. For more details visit our page.

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