Jon-Christian Ashby is a specialty portrait photographer who specializes in colorful, character driven portraits. He explores the personalities of the models in front of his lens through archetypes, symbolism and colorful motifs, and his work has been published around the world.


My name is Karen Ashby and I have a small business called The Paper Nest. I do pesticide-free wasp removal and I make art from the collected materials. I also work for another female owned business called Pretty Dead Taxidermy. We teach classes on insect pinning and mounting, as well as taxidermy and bone work. We are known for our anthropomorphic animals in various predicaments. Let's make the macabre more fun!


Galen Felde's work is a complex integration of natural and urban elements addressing issues of empathy, impermanence and our difficult relationship with origins, adaptation and alteration of the landscape.
Galen has worked as a full-time artist for over 2 decades on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, where she is also a long-time resident. Her work is collected Internationally.


Suzy is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Vancouver, BC. She attended ACAD in Calgary, and QCA in Brisbane, Australia and holds a Bachelor of Design in Photography. Her current projects include interactive mediums and spaces, photography, video, sound and music recordings.


Rob Middleton-Hope is a woodworker, builder and musician who has come to clay sculpture recently. The pieces are a study of humans and our relationship with our planet. "Described with symbolism and form, I try to direct the viewer to images that form a part of our Human story. We are creatures of ritual, and symbolism carries the torch."


Sahba Sad is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist. With a background in literature and linguistics, her current projects focus on eastern magical practices translated into a modern setting.

Rooted in Brandon’s experience in design, his art practice uses symbols, metaphors and references in more ambiguous ways, to create space for personal reflection and interpretation.