"Outreach is an investment in the hope that, by going into the community, we will change lives." - Dr. James E. Camm, Co-Founder & Director

Our Mission

To build our community through partnerships with area communities of faith and public and private sector organizations, and by sponsoring intervention and prevention services and encouraging positive police-community relations.

Our Vision

It is our hope that our example and leadership will inspire change, empowerment, pride, and ownership in each community member.

Through healing efforts and building relationships, we are working to raise families and individuals out of poverty, improve access to educational and human services, and restore a sense of belonging, hope and encouragement.

Our Goals

  • Create a city-wide youth task force

  • Facilitate a successful Police -Community Partnership

  • Provide education and training

  • Sponsor thoughtful social events

  • Offer and support effective anti-poverty and anti-crime initiatives, and various other outreach programs

Who We Are

One COMMUNITY, One VOICE - Lynchburg, sponsored by Living Word Ministries, Lynchburg, is a partnership with the Faith-community, area organizations and businesses Lynchburg Police Department, concerned citizens, the Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Lynchburg. We address the problems of poverty and crime by encouraging best policing practices that allows citizens imput, advocating for the community, offering programs and services, and providing engagement opportunities that result in a greater sense of unity among Lynchburg's citizens.

We desire to make Lynchburg a national model for enovative and compassionate policing practices, and increased community engagement. Currently, One COMMUNITY One VOICE - Lynchburg sponsors monthly community meetings to promote accountability in policing and explore “safe communities” strategies.

Our award-winning community outreach entitled E.N.O.U.G.H (Empowering Neighborhoods to Overcome Undesirable behaviors Gives us Hope) is One COMMUNITY, One VOICE - Lynchburg’s is among one of the most celebrated initiatives that we have sponsored to date. Another program that we sponsor is also making a big impact on the City of Lynchburg. It's called the BIKE Program (Believe In Kids Excelling). BIKE encourages academic excellence among students in elementary school by rewarding them with bikes. More schools would like to participate in the program; please see our OCOV Wish List for more details on how you can help.

One COMMUNITY One Voice - Lynchburg serves as a hub for area community service partners. Together, we strive to disseminate information, facilitate ministry, and provide educational opportunities to Lynchburg's citizens. As a community hub, we encourage organizations to support each other; we help by publicizing local events and services. We believe our community is better when we work together.

For a complete listing of programs and services click the "Programs" button below.

In concert with participating organizations, we provide various community outreach programs to the citizens of Lynchburg, VA.

We are proud of our extensive network of partners who share our commitment for a better Lynchburg.

We appreciate our dedicated BOARD OF DIRECTORS, STAFF, and VOLUNTEERS; they are our greatest asset.

We enthusiastically welcome new member organizations, team members and volunteers.

We offer outcomes-based, results driven programs and services. Our Annual Report provides a snapshot of our impact.

We welcome the opportunity to share our message of hope through all media outlets.