Becky Colling

Becky Colling is a Google for Education Certified Trainer from Glendale, California. She is an educator with a wide range of experience in charter and public schools from across the country. She taught in Nebraska (K), Texas (gr. 3), and Georgia (gr. 5) before moving to California and becoming an instructional coach for the district. Becky has a passion all things STEM, STEAM, and STREAM

Kalvin Lim

Kalvin Lim is a Software Engineer from Glendale, California. He loves technology and spends his free time on coding projects such as VR development, Raspberry Pi projects, and video gaming. He believes that everyone of all ages should have exposure to technology and computer science.

Our Mission

Together we want to provide students from across the globe with opportunities to MAKE! Providing a virtual Makerspace opens up opportunities for ALL students to explore and engage in virtual experiences that will prepare them for real world jobs and genuine innovation.