Accurate, Affordable, Portable Hyperspectral Crop Imager

Reasons you should use LeafSpec for superior plant phenotyping data quality:

  1. Ambient light is blocked

  2. Consistent lighting, imaging distance and angle

  3. Super high resolution + Stress distribution analysis

  4. Self-contained real-time data visualization

  5. Geo-referenced

Please contact goldenswordjinjian@gmail.com for pre-order requests.

*LeafSpec LLC is the ONLY company Dr. Jin works with for the commercialization of Purdue's LeafSpec plant sensor technology.*

Use in the greenhouse

Use in the field

Automatic data logging and map view immediately after the measurements, saving the ticks, sweats and tears in data downloading

A 26 seconds Demonstration:

Dr. Jin's Introduction of LeafSpec (made in 2018)