About Us

Our vision is to be the most trusted brand in child development in South Africa.

Our mission is to empower kids through personal and academic development regardless of their social background.

Kidz Hub is a non profitable organisation (NPO) based in Dobonsville, Soweto, South Africa.

Soweto is one of the biggest townships in South Africa where 35% of kids between the ages of 7-13 are raised by their grandparents or single parents.

Due to their circumstances, some of the children don’t receive the necessary personal development skills as well as learn about their strengths and capabilities.

We create convenient and safe place for children between the ages of 7-15 to come everyday after school.

Through our activities, we help to develop:

  • Academics - Individual attention is given to every child by a volunteering university tutor.
  • Willpower and financial responsibility
  • Social awareness - Recycling.
  • Entrepreneurship - The children run their own snack shop.

Financial responsibility

Our kids save R2 everyday towards our writing utensils and books. The kids learn responsibility by choosing the R2 contribution over snacks.

Social awareness - Recycling

We teach kids to be responsible and mindful about their environment


Our kids run their own snack shop

Academics - one on one attention

Each child is paired with a trained, volunteering university student who assist her/him with their homework, while instilling practical life skills.