What can I do today that brings more beauty, more energy, and more hope?

This is a question I see on a sticky note each day as I sit down to write.

How can we hold space for the magic and wonder of stories?

Bring me the honest and genuine narratives of life...the tales of seeking treasure and finding warriors...the waiting and the loving and the hurting...

Regale me with life's still quiet moments and the embraces that mend our broken hearts....

I seek words to describe it all.

"Julia White shares the Divine in the common, ordinary stories of life"

I have never been one to stay on one path at a time. Most of the time I love to travel in all sorts of directions and love writing all kinds of stories!!

Fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, inspirational... creating moments that make me smile and sharing words that speak to others. What an exciting journey!

Grab some coffee and snacks and join me won't you?

What is written on the sticky note you see each day?

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