Wet Taps

Waters Mechanical, Inc. provides a complete wet tap service by providing all the necessary materials (Valve, Flanged Pipe Spool, Hardware and Welding Services) and equipment to install and drill into the existing piping system.

Wet taps (also known as hot taps or pressure taps) add a branch line to an existing pipe of the same size or larger. This operation consists of welding in a thread-o-let or flanged pipe spool on to the existing pipe. Or a saddle can be bolted around the pipe. Next a valve is installed. The entire assembly is pressure tested. The tapping machine attaches to the valve and drills through the valve into the existing main. The drill is withdrawn through the valve, the valve closes, and the tapping machine is removed. The completed work ends with a valve installed on the existing main, ready for any piping connections.

Common uses for wet taps include: chilled water and condenser water systems, plumbing for domestic cold or hot water piping, fuel piping and fire sprinkler piping.

For sizes of half inch through two inch we use a full port ball valve and for valves two and one-half inch and greater we install a flanged gate valve. Our present capabilities are 1/2 inch through 14 inch wet taps. Note we also can tap size on size meaning the branch (the wet tap) is the same size as the main.