EP Veterans' Memorial Expressway
60th Anniversary Re-dedication

Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021

Special EP Military Service Honor Roll Tribute

by the EP Post, published on Thursday, Nov. 11th, 2021.

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Special Veterans' and Military Members' Celebration

EP Veterans Memorial Expressway (EPVME)

Double Re-dedication ceremony

for the naming 60 years ago of this EP portion of the I-195 freeway for our EP veterans

and rededication of the new signs for the bridge memorials along this freeway

was held on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021

formal ceremony, antique car parade, meet and salute our service members

* * * * *

was held on Sunday, Nov. 7 event:

Dedication of the Andrews Brothers Memorial Exit

12:45 pm - 1 pm, Broadway, across from Freeborn Ave.

1 - 3 pm Bridge Memorial Signs Drop-in Visitation

from Valley St. to Broadway only


Thank you for your donations of food, clothing, cash, and health supplies to OSDRI.org

Photos shared by attendees of EPVMER 2021 event. Please share your photos and video. Submit to epvmer @ hotmail . com

Top photos shared by Ann B. Fontes video shared by Irene V. updated Dec. 3

opening flag procession: Wonderful! Thank you Riverside Scouts, their leader, veteran LTC Nancy, and Trisha.

Who is in the stands, ??, Ann Burkhardt, and ??


video announcing PFC Eugene Fontes, Vanner (Fontes) family in the stands

JM shares 9 antique cars GH shares the chair reserved for POW and MIA

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021

left- Andrews Brothers' Memorial Exit dedication wreath- created by Trisha

center-Maureen and Arlene host visitors at Arlene's brother-in-law's PFC Frederick Slade's Memorial Bridge sign

right- Tuesday, Nov. 9, re-presentation of the EP Military Service Honor Roll to the City of E Prov., Susan Cady, Nancy Moore, Mayor DaSilva

More photos by the EP post on their website


Photos of the Veterans' Day display in the City Hall lobby Nov. 2-12, 2021

Letters submitted in 1960-61 by the families for a Route 195 bridge memorial for their veteran

Above is a jpg file of page 2 of the EPVMER 2021 Nov. 6th ceremony program. It lists the names and bridge memorial locations.

Page 1, Ceremony program has been modified below (now 4 pages) to state the actual participants.

*Webpage was last updated on Dec. 3, 2021 **

Index of website topics above:

Photos of the Nov. 6th event and display in City Hall

p. 2 list of veterans' names and EPVME bridge locations from 1961/2021 ceremony program

Index of website topics below:

Seeking relatives of EPVME veterans' names and veterans with individual war memorials: list of names

Nov. 6th EPVMER 2021 ceremony program with the actual participants' names

2 suggestions where to mail veterans greeting cards year round

Virtual tribute: 4 tributes for all of our E.P. veterans (at near end of this page)

Several of the "Stay at home EPVMER 2021 ceremony" files have been posted.

Also a presentation as video of the live Nov. 6th event will be posted later.

new replacement EPVME bridge memorial signs:

2 jpg maps showing sign locations and

suggested driving route (at end of this page)

****** ***** ***** *****

Trying to contact the families of veterans with EPVME Bridge and individual memorials

Trying to reach these families to contribute, review, and give permission to publish in the EP veterans' bios book

So far, these 10 bridge memorial families (y) have been contacted. Thank you for your help.

The names of veterans with EPVME bridge memorial signs are:

y n Edward Burke, Gilbert Perito,

n y John McDowell, Frederick Slade,

y n Edward Pike, Philip McQuade,

n y Edward Jocelyn, Manuel G. Silva,

n n Thomas McLynch, Mark Gilbert,

n n Frank Maciel, John Webb,

y n Eugene Fontes (has a daughter), Emanuel Gracie Jr. (has a son),

n n John Braga, William Halton (has a daughter) ,

n n Joseph Crowley, Daniel Thomas,

y n Gustaf Soderlund, Andrew Martin,

n y James Garvin, Charles Storm Jr.,

n y Clifford Jackson, Gordon Reid,

n y Robert Holtzmann, George P. George,

n y Robert Leighton, Arthur Lusignan.

other EP veterans with individual war memorials

y Andrews brothers: George, Albert, James, Joseph

y Amaral brothers: David, Eugene, George, Horace, Manuel

Donald Balboni

Donald Carlton

Art Cordeiro

John Cordeiro

Edward Faria

Bernard Goodwin

Nicholas Monteleone

Ernest Costa Who is he? Why is the memorial island named for him?

Edward O Neil

y John Primmer

Alfred Rezendes

y Charles Unkuski

Vietnam Veterans

John D. Andrade
Gene D. Hicks
Stephen J. Alsup
y William G. Silva

Do other memorials for individual veterans exist in EP?

If you recognize a friend's last name, ask if he/she had a relative in WWII, Korean Conflict, or Vietnam Conflict who was given a bridge memorial in 1961 or an individual war memorial.

Please ask the relative to contact EPVME @ hotmail . com to contribute to the written biographies.

Trying to reach these families to contribute, review, and give permission to publish in the veterans' bios book


Sorry, the below larger text will not fit on one 8" x 11" page.

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page 1

City of East Providence









ceremony, antique car parade,

“meet and salute” our veterans and members of the military

EP Military Service Honor Roll ephist.org “downloads”


updated 11-9-21

page 2 *** *** *** ***


held at


201 Mercer St. and Fifth St., East Providence, RI 02914

Masters of Ceremony – Gordon Reid, Gordon Hubbard, Susan Cady

Flag procession from the gates to the podium ---
Riverside Scouts- Cadettes, Jr. Girls, and Cub Scouts, Nancy, and Trisha

Invocation --- Rev. Joseph A. Escobar

Pledge of allegiance ---

Greetings --- Mayor Robert DaSilva, Director of Veterans Affairs, Kasim Yarn

“God Bless America” --- Ms. Dale Magnuson

Veterans’ Day Address --- “History of the EPVME”

First memorial: Lt. Donald E. Carlton for WWI 1931

14 Bridge Memorials along the EPVME 1961

Most recent: the Andrew Brothers Exit 2017

{ This text will be posted later.}

“America” ---

Introductions --- of dedication ceremony participants

Director of RI Veterans Affairs, Kasim Yarn.

Gordon Hubbard, Gordon Reid, Susan Cady

Dedicatory Address --- Re-dedication of the:

- 14 EPVME bridge memorial signs

{ This text will be posted later.}

Music --- Stand and greet the veterans and military members sitting near you

- EPVME to all EP veterans of all wars and military events

Presentation of the EP Military Service Honor Roll to the City of E. Prov. { This text will be posted later.}

Salute to the Dead --- Canon Salute (Caution: loud noise)

courtesy Ancient Little Neck Cemetery

“Star Spangled Banner” ---

Benediction --- S. Cady

Special music- "You'll never walk alone" --- Ms. D. Magnuson, soloist

Taps --- Mr. Douglas Wood, trumpet

2:15 ~ 2:30 p. m. Antique car parade (9 cars)

page 3 *** *** *** ***

Under the Washington Bridge – Valley St.

Honoring WWI

Lieut. Donald E. Carlton, U. S. A.

Bridge No. 1—over Warren Avenue to Veterans’ Memorial Parkway

Honoring WWII

P.F.C. Edward Dennis Burke, U.S.M.C. and Pvt. Gilbert Perito, U.S.A.

Bridge No. 2—over Warren Avenue from Veterans’ Memorial Parkway

Honoring WWII

P. F. C. John J. McDowell, U.S.A. and P. F. C. Frederick T. Slade, U.S.A.

Bridge No. 3—over Expressway to Taunton Avenue

Honoring WWII

Corp. Edward F. Pike, U.S.A. and Sgt. Philip J. McQuade, U.S.A.F.

Bridge No. 4—over Expressway from Warren Avenue
Honoring WWII
Pvt. Edward J. Jocelyn, U.S.A. and Corp. Manuel Gonsalves Silva, U.S.A.

Bridge No. 5—over Expressway at Potter St.

Honoring WWII

T/Sgt. Thomas J. McLynch, U.S.A. and Lieut. Mark Rancourt Gilbert, U.S.N.

Bridge No. 6—over Expressway at Purchase St.

Honoring WWII

Pvt. Frank Maciel, U.S.A. and P. F. C. John Francis Webb, U.S.A.

Bridge No. 7—over Expressway at Lyon Avenue

Honoring WWII

P.F.C. Eugene A. Fontes, U.S.A. and 1st Lieut. Emanuel H. Gracie, Jr., U.S.A.

Modified re-enactment of the Nov. 11, 1961 dedication ceremony

page 4 *** *** *** ***

Broadway west exit ramp -

Honoring WWII, the Andrews Brothers1

Major George F., Sgt. James F., Corp. Albert F., U. S. Army;

Storekeeper 3rd Class Joseph F., Jr. U. S. Navy - Seabees

Bridge No. 8—over Broadway

Honoring WWII* and Korean Conflict+

P. F. C. John Braga*, U. S. A. and Col. William Halton*+, U. S. A. F.

Bridge No. 9—over Expressway at Pawtucket Ave.

Honoring WWII

Pvt. Joseph Daniel Crowley, U.S.A. and Pvt. Daniel Richard Thomas, U.S.M.C.

Bridge No. 10—over Warren Avenue to East Shore Expressway

Honoring WWII

2nd Lieut. Gustaf J. Soderlund, U.S.A.F. and T/Sgt. Andrew J. Martin, U.S.A.F.

Bridge No. 11—over Expressway from Exit of East Shore Expressway

Honoring WWII

2nd Lieut. James F. Garvin, U.S.A.F. and Corp. Charles P. Storm, Jr., U.S.M.C.

Bridge No. 12—over Warren Avenue leaving East Shore Expressway

Honoring WWII

M/M2C Clifford Dawson Jackson, U.S.N. and P.F.C. Gordon S. Reid, U.S.A.

Bridge No. 13—over Warren Avenue near Seekonk, Mass. line

Honoring WWII

Pvt. Robert E. Holtzman, U.S.A. and P. F. C. George P. George, U.S.M.C.

Bridge No. 14—over Wampanoag Trail

Honoring Korean Conflict

P. F. C. Robert Leighton, U.S.A. and P. F. C. Arthur Lusignan, U.S.A.

1 In memory of all men (KIA), except In honor of these 4 brothers

end of program- Sorry this larger text will not print/ fit on a 8 x 11 paper page

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2 suggestions where to mail veterans greeting cards year round

Send unsealed cards, with the flap tucked inside, addressed "to any veteran" to your church,

or to the Volunteer Office, VA Medical Center, 830 Chalkstone Ave., Providence, RI. 02908.

The VA Medical Center welcomes cards (birthday, get well, thinking of you) all year round.

And to the RI Veterans Community, 480 Metacom Ave., Bristol, RI 02809.

Thank you for remembering and honoring our past and present members of the military, armed forces, and reserves and their families

**Page last updated Dec. 3, 2021 **

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"Tributes to our E. Providence Veterans"

EP Military Service Honor Roll

visual presentations October 2021

The audience may

- wave their USA, RI, and EP flags,

- ring their bells (hand bells, jingle bells, cow bells, empty dry plastic soda/ water bottle filled with jingle bells or beans, old buttons, coins, etc. ), and

- sing along during this tribute.

*** **

This work is copyrighted by S. Cady 2021.

When the corrected May and Oct. series (with correct thumbnail/ intro photos, scroll rate, ...) is complete, you will be given "sharing" permissions.

The cover photo can not be selected by the video creator. The computer generates it. Still some bugs to work out of these tributes!

CAUTION: Please do not download and do not save these DRAFT clips. (Some files are too large to download and it is a waste of your time.)

These "Tributes to our E. Providence Veterans" are posted as several individual short viewings.

Click on the "arrow in a circle" on the screen to begin.

Warning: You may not be able to view these video files on a cell phone.

1. Set up: Internet, computer screen, sound check <2 minutes


2. Ring the bell! (Audience may ring their bells 7 times.) 4 minutes

Raise the flag! with music Tribute statement


3a. WWII Honor Roll names A-L 4+ minutes

The background music is provided by the

Martin Middle School Wildcat Concert Band

" Freedon's Light Overature"

composed by James Swearingen


3b. WWII Honor Roll names L-Z 4+ minutes

The background music is provided by the

Martin Middle School Wildcat Concert Band

"Summon the Heros"

composed by John Williams


4. Tribute to E. Prov. Korean War era Veterans 6.4 minutes


5. Tribute to E. Prov. Vietnam War era Veterans 7.3 minutes
The computer has randomly selected this cover photo. Sorry it is not what the author has selected. After 3 hours of trying, the computer wins!


6. Tribute to E. Prov. Veterans and military members of other, recent, and present events 5.3 minutes
Cover was selected by computer, not by the author. New version 2 uploaded Sat. 10-23-21


7. Stars and Stripes Salute to our veterans and military members 2 minutes

by three EP Scout troops

Music: My Country 'Tis of Thee Sing along!

Ring the bell! (Audience may ring their bells 7 times.)


8. Retire the flag with "Taps" music <2 minutes

Ring the bell! (Audience may ring their bells 7 times.)

This ends all of the EP War Tributes with a 21 bell chime salute!


9. Credits for the WWII (May 2021) Tribute and thanks to many 4 minutes


"Stay at Home EPVMER 2021 ceremony"


1. Pledge of Allegiance no music 1.30 minutes

Scouts with flagsEPVMER-2video.wmv

2. Scouts "Tribute to Our Veterans", with "God Bless America" by Dale Magnuson, soloist, 2.15 minutes


3. The veterans for whom the EPVME bridges were named Music "Recognition, Honored dead" 9.23 minutes


4. Photos of veterans and flowers on bridge memorial signs Nov. 7th

Music "Esprit de Corps" 4.53 minutes


5. "National Anthem" with USA flags on Pierce Memorial Stadium gates 1.52 minutes


6. "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Dale Magnuson, soloist 2.16 minutes


7. EPVMER finale: "Taps" by Douglas Wood 1 minute

Please check back later to read the text used in the dedication Nov. 6th ceremony.

Also a list of links to the EP Reporter will be posted to read back issues of articles published about this event.

CDs are being burned. Requests (ask at epvme @ hotmail . com) will not be delivered until January 2022.

The CD will be available for check out at the EP libraries in late Dec. or Jan.

To view, you need a DVD player or computer that plays a DVD disc.

If you have no computer or internet access, you can use the library PCs to view these files on-line anytime the library is open.


Dec. 3 update: See EPVMER event photos at the top of this page.

The live ceremony was video recorded. When available, it will be posted here.

Please share photos you took of the Nov. 6th event. If you do not know how to get the photos off your camera /phone, ask, and we'll learn how.

The timeline of when EPVME bridges were replaced is still
. Estimated publication date May 2022.

- - - - -

Two maps are below for new EPVME bridge memorial sign locations and a suggested tour route.

Warning: I have no idea what you will see on a small cell phone. Go to the library and view on a computer screen.

Thank you for watching!


God bless everyone.


Life is full of changes.

Be flexible and accept them.

Bloopers and wise words encountered during planning this EPVMER event:

Ship almost sank when it hit a land mine.

U. S. A. Is that US Army or United States of America?

He is discussed - as translated by the dictation device. He is deceased.

Computers are wonderful. They keep me wondering.

Perfection can only be found in the dictionary.

Plan the work, now work the plan.

US Navy Seabee Memorial at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery in VA preserves a WWII motto :

The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer."

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