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Cryptocurrencies are one way of saying that humans are living in the most technically prosperous generation the planet has ever experienced.

To begin with, when automation and artificial intelligence came to being, there was no room left to doubt the endless possibilities and thus, currency was digitized. Electrum Wallet has been a major part of the first crypto (Bitcoin) that came to the world and this read will focus on it.

Electrum is well-renowned as it was one of the best and the earliest wallets for Bitcoin. That’s right, digital wallets exist too. So, it is a ‘no frills’ wallet lightweight that was crafted with two major objectives- a facile user interface and the highest level of security.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that an Electrum Wallet isn’t a good option for new members of the blockchain network. It is designed to cater to the requirements of cryptocurrency traders and investors who know their way around Bitcoin.

This read will provide you with all effective answers to clear any doubts that you must be having about the crypto wallet and help you set it up for use.

What are the key features of the Electrum Wallet?

This section will introduce you to the significant characteristics of Electrum Wallet that has proved to be very effective for Bitcoin:

  • Safety- The private keys for your crypto accounts get encrypted for staying in your computer system, never to leave again.

  • Funds Recovery- Electrum Wallet offers a secret phrase, which can be used to recover all your funds (in case they are misplaced, lost, or stolen).

  • Instantaneous- Using servers that have been created to index the entire Bitcoin blockchain, gives Electrum Wallet the instant service it has always thought of offering.

  • No Restrictions- You are not bound to keep your private keys locked into your Electrum Wallets. You can export them and put them to use with other clients of Bitcoin.

  • Zero Glitches- The decentralization and redundancy of the servers used, keeps no space for response errors in the wallet.

  • Close Monitoring- The Electrum Wallet uses SPV to verify and manage all your transactions from the previous history.

  • Cold Wallet Storage- With this feature you can have an online watch-only wallet by keeping all your private keys offline.

  • Crypto Multisig- You can put the multi-signature feature to use or spend your Electrum Wallet coins between several different crypto wallets.

  • Added Perks- You also get exclusive access to a few third-party plug-ins such as Hardware Wallets, multisig services, etc.

What are the security measures on Electrum Wallet?

Enlisted is the summarization of Electrum Wallet’s security features:

  • Password protection to files that maintain your private keys.

  • A seed phrase is used to protect your lost private keys or used devices.

  • No downloads of script point to no threat of losing your Bitcoin.

  • A decentralized structure protects users from open-source server codes.

  • Community members can review the Python codes used in Electrum.

How to set up your Electrum Wallet for effective use?

You have to go through the following steps to set up your Electrum Wallet for better Bitcoin storage and exchange:

  1. Begin with getting inside the official website and hit “Download”.

  2. Go for the “Windows Installer” to get relevant files on your computer.

  3. Launch the downloaded file and go through with the prompts to install.

  4. Wait for the completion of the Electrum Wallet’s installation procedure.

  5. Spot and choose “Create a New Wallet”> “Standard Wallet”> “Next”.

  6. Ensure retaining the recovered seed phrase that is displayed on-screen.

  7. Reassure that you have retained the seed phrase by submitting it.

  8. Craft a strong, unique, and new password and hit “Next”.

  9. Now, hit on “Auto Connect” to link with a wallet server.

  10. Continue and finish the process by hitting on “Next”.


  • The above steps are mentioned with the assumption that you are a first-time user of the Electrum Wallet.

  • The recover seed phrase is a very important part of the entire security process, and so, it must be retained and protected with extra care and attention.

  • The password you create for your Electrum Wallet must be new, and should not have been used for any other online portals.

  • Auto Connect is the recommended server choice if you are new to using Electrum Wallet.

How to use your Electrum Wallet to send funds?

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to undergo for sending funds from your Electrum Wallet:

  1. Get into the official site or the mobile wallet portal.

  2. Locate and go for the “Send” option key for the process.

  3. Look for the address you want to send funds to and copy it.

  4. Locate “Pay To” and paste the copied address next to it.

  5. Go to the “Amount” area and feed in the amount to send.

  6. Use the displayed slider to adjust the transaction fee.

  7. Ensure all the submitted data is correct and hit “Send”.

Note: Smaller fee takes more time and larger fee takes less time for the transaction.

How to use your Electrum Wallet to receive funds?

Go through the below-written steps to use your fully set up Electrum Wallet for receiving crypto funds:

  1. Get into the Electrum Wallet and go for the “Receive” key link.

  2. Spot “Receiving Address” and choose “Copy Symbol” next to it.

  3. Now, paste the public key you just copied to the sending location.

  4. Hit “Send” and wait for some time to receive Bitcoin funds.

Note: If you are using your mobile devices to send Bitcoin, you also get the benefit of using the apps’ QR code in place of the public key.


Electrum Wallet is one of the earliest wallets used to store and transfer Bitcoin around users. It offers the easiest user interface and the highest security measures that make all the difference. However, the wallet is not crafted for beginners, it requires the user to be well-familiarized with Bitcoin.

The detailed read above will walk you through its exclusive features, a summary of its implied security preparations, steps to setting it up, and steps to send and receive funds on it.