Extraordinary the Disconnect

Major Project 2021- Mark Stewart-Deane

Fine Art BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing and Printmaking - Year 3

Prefaratory Ideas:

Images have to convey what I want to say, not to rely on statements only. I will begin with using words in artworks to help me think about the viewers perception and to develop the visual language to find my own voice.

By research into art philosophy and investigation into contemporary photography to target relevant theory.

Time in thinking.

Photographs, the selection of images themselves, reproduction, degradation, dilution, repetition, Losing originality and becoming ubiquitous. Consider the relevance of reproduced images, multiples, questions of authorship.

Combining photos, objects and paintings as I have done in the Independant Project could provide a resolution.

Propaganda; truth celebrated as not needed, the binary of right and wrong, polarisation.

How perception distorts reality. Perceptual reality.

What I can say to the best of my ability. Write about why I have done something.

Greater understanding of conceptual potential needs constant review.

Research Strategy:

Read through brief roughly every 2 weeks to stay on point.

Lay down reading and thought in writing.

Ted Talks: Fake News, Perception, Memory, Isolation, Individuality in relation to perception. Psychology of the mob. Fact Checking. Manipulation of Politics.

Art Journals: look at seminal writers works.


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Mainly to Cathy, my lovely, sweet wife, who has stood by me, helped me lug equipment up mountains, brought me lunches and coffee when eating or drinking were the farthest from my mind. Who has helped me in every way including proof reading this blog. Thank you so very much Honey XXX

To my Father, who first had the idea of photographing model soldiers, kindled my interest in the history of the Napoleonic wars and collaborated with me on 'Transit Cube'.

Also to my tutors; Cath Fairgrieve, Pete Williams, Pete Bodenham and Amanda Blake for their sage advice, encouragement and support.