Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan

Research interests

Applied microeconometrics, education, health, labour, migration, natural disasters, policy evaluation

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Working papers

School-age exposure to conditional cash transfers and adult mental health: Evidence from Mexico’s Progresa (with Philipp Hessel)

Escuela de Gobierno Alberto Lleras Camargo Working Paper No. 84

Earthquakes and mental health (with Luisito Bertinelli and Eric Strobl)

DEM Discussion Paper No. 2021-19

Panic? Probing Angst over Immigration and Crime (with Sergio Parra-Cely)

Updated version DEM Discussion Paper No. 2021-04

Social distancing and crime (with Sergio Parra-Cely)

Updated version of DEM Discussion Paper No. 2020-23

Work in progress

Anti-poverty program de-escalation and intimate partner violence in Ecuador (with Sergio Parra-Cely)

Female elected mayors and child health in Brazil (with Philipp Hessel)

Commissioned reports

Evaluability study of the ‘Lake Kivu Inland Water Transport Project’ (DRIVEproject DR20RW01A) (with Micheline Goedhuys and Nico van der Windt)

Evaluation d'impact du Programme de Réhabilitation et d'Intégration des Quartiers d'Habitation (PRIQH 2) enTunisie – Protocole d’évaluation (with Micheline Goedhuys, Samy Kallel, and Eleonora Nillesen)

Patterns of migration in the European Union (with Veronika Fajth, Katrin Marchand, Melissa Siegel, and Zachary Strain

2019 H2020 REMINDER Working Paper

Publicly available data set

Data set of existing databases on migration in the European Union (with Veronika Fajth, Katrin Marchand, Sarah Roeder, and Melissa Siegel), developed as part of the H2020 REMINDER Project (further information)

Permanent working papers

Does internal displacement affect educational outcomes in host communities? (with Sergio Parra-Cely)

CREA Discussion Paper No. 2020-05

Return migration and the quality of entrepreneurship (with Tilman Brück and Wim Naudé)

IZA Discussion Paper No. 11332

Husbands’ return migration and wives’ occupational choices

UNU-MERIT Working Paper No. 2017-031