Numerical Methods for Economists

A series of short online lectures introducing some basic computational ideas for economists, with demonstrations in Matlab.

Password protection now removed : )

  • Bytes 1-5: complete!

  • Bytes 6-8: coming "soon"

Byte 1: Floating Point Arithmetic (video) (associated code)

Byte 2: Linear algebra in Matlab (video) (associated code)

Byte 3: Root-finding (video) (associated code)

Byte 4: Random Numbers (video) (associated code)

Byte 5: Functional Approximation (video) (associated code)

Byte 6: Iterative Methods (video) (associated code)

Byte 7: Application 1 - Shooting (video) (associated code)

Byte 8: Application 2 - Value Function Iteration (video) (associated code)