1. Gridlock, leverage, and policy bundling
Journal of Public Economics [accepted]

2. A characterization of proportionally representative committees (with Haris Aziz)
Games and Economic Behavior, 133, 2022, pp. 248–255. [preprint]

3. Political capital (with Gabriele Gratton and Richard Holden)
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Working Papers

2. Liberty, security, and accountability: The rise and fall of illiberal democracies (with Gabriele Gratton)
R&R Review of Economic Studies
Winner of the Oliver Williamson Best Paper Award at 2021 SIOE Conference [Announcement].
* In the media: ProMarket article [here] 10/20/2021.

3. Strategyproof and proportionally fair facility location (with Haris Aziz, Alex Lam, and Toby Walsh)

4. Proportionally Representative Clustering (with Haris Aziz and Sean Morota Chu)

Conference Publications

1. Proportionally representative participatory budgeting with ordinal preferences (with H. Aziz)
AAAI: Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2021, pp. 5110–5118.

2. Facility location problem with capacity constraints: Algorithmic and mechanism design perspectives (with H. Aziz, H. Chan, B. Li and T. Walsh)
AAAI: Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020, pp. 1806–1813.

3. The political economy of blockchain governance (with D. J. Moroz and D. C. Parkes)
Cryptoeconomic Systems (MIT Press: online journal), 2020. [Abstract only, working paper - due to be updated]

4. The capacity constrained facility location problem (with H. Aziz, H. Chan and D. C. Parkes)
Conference on Web and Internet Economics, 2019, pp. 336. [Abstract only, GEB journal version]

5. Proportionally representative participatory budgeting: Axioms and algorithms (with H. Aziz and N. Talmon)
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6. Sub-committee approval voting and generalised representation axioms (with H. Aziz)
AIES: AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society, 2018, pp. 3–9.


  • Haris Aziz (UNSW)

  • Hau Chan (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • Gabriele Gratton (UNSW)

  • Richard Holden (UNSW)

  • Alexander Lam (UNSW, PhD Candidate)

  • Bo Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

  • Daniel Moroz (Harvard University, PhD Candidate)

  • Sean Morota Chu (UNSW, undergraduate)

  • David C. Parkes (Harvard University)

  • Nimrod Talmon (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

  • Toby Walsh (Data61 and UNSW)