AOL Mail is AOL‘s free email service which allows you to create an email account and online address book with 250 GB of storage. AOL Mail also has a number of handy features, including an integrated task calendar (which you can connect other users to), as well as automatic redirection of spam and phishing emails straight to your trash. "covid-19"

On top of this, an AOL Mail account allows you to send emails with multiple attachments up to 25 MG in size.

An AOL Mail account also gives you access to a bunch of other features including assist by AOL, Data Secure by AOL, and AOL Desktop, as well as the AOL app. The website also hosts an AOL live chat between users.

How to make an AOL Mail account

Step 1: Open Browser

Open up a web browser like Chrome or Safari and head to

Step 2: Click ‘Login’

From here, click on ‘Login/Join’ at the top of the page on the right hand side.

Step 3: Click ‘Create an account’

Now you’re at the sign-in page. Click ‘Create an account’.

Step 4: Fill out sign-up form

This will take you to the AOL mail sign-up form. You’ll need to fill out the required details (first name, last name, email address etc), and when that’s done, click ‘Continue’.

Step 5: Verify email

Last, but not least, you’ll receive a verification email to the email address you provided on the previous page. Click the ‘Verify’ link to confirm your email. You’re all done – happy emailing!

If you need any additional help, you can always head over to AOL Mail Help.

Want more? Now that you’ve set up your AOL Mail account, you might want to set up some other handy features. One that comes to mind is reminders.

Whilst AOL doesn’t actually have any features which enable you to schedule send/follow-up reminders, you can get around this by using other email programs (through IMAP) to do the work. Let’s try it using the free application Mailspring."covid-19"

How to set up reminders for your AOL Mail account

Step 1: Download Mailspring

An easy-to-use, free application, Mailspring enables you to check your mail, add reminders, and add read receipts – as well as a bunch of other useful things. Head here to download.

Step 2: Sign in to your AOL Mail account

Head to and press ‘Login’ (see the above steps if you need help).

Step 3: Run Mailspring

Open up Mailspring and select IMAP/SMTP on the email setup screen and enter the connection settings for your AOL Mail account (these can be found here). Press ‘Continue’ when you’re done. This will allow you to access your emails using Mailspring (they make take a few minutes to load).

Step 3: Set up reminders for your emails

To create a reminder in Mailspring, simply click the Reminder icon (it looks like a bell) and select the time that you’d like to be reminded about the thread if you don’t receive a response. You can choose from 3 hours to a month – or set your own date and time. Now, when you send the email, a reminder will be scheduled.

How to Retrieve your AOL Email Sign in password?

In our fast-paced lives, it is possible to forget passwords, especially of email ids that tend to be of utmost importance. Here are relevant steps that ensure an easy solution to retrieving your AOL email sign in password.

  1. As usual, the first thing you should do is open your web browser. Next, you type “ sign in” on the search engine which will bring you on to the page where you can join the AOL network.

  2. Get to the AOL Login/Sign up tab and enter your email address in the box and then click on ‘Trouble Signing in’.

  3. They will give you an option to text you a verification code on your phone number or email ID. Select ‘yes, send me a verification code’ among the various other options given to you.

  4. Now provide the ‘code’ you have received on your registered phone number.

  5. When the verification code process is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the “Reset AOL email sign in” password tab and there you can enter a new password and re-enter the same one to confirm the password. Following that, select “submit” to recover your AOL mail sign in password.

How to Download AOL Application for Sign In Process?

There are numerous approaches to performing the AOL mail sign in procedure successfully. The clients can get to their accounts on cell phones by means of an internet browser or an AOL application downloaded on phone. After all, applications are popular in our times. Opening an Internet browser and visiting page is a lengthier procedure. Probably, an annoying one too. The AOL application bolsters cell phones and tablets. Download the AOL application on your separate gadget and make the AOL Mail sign-in process a lot simpler tasks to perform on a daily basis. Adhere to the directions to download and introduce:

  • Click on the Play Store Application on Android devices and iOS Apple Store on iPhone devices.

  • Search for ‘AOL – News, Mail, & Video’ and click on the ‘Download’ option in order to get the application on your phone.

  • Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ that will pop up on your mobile screen.

  • When the AOL application download is complete, click on ‘Install’ and ‘Run’.

  • Do an AOL mail sign after opening the application and then log in or Join and access your AOL account by filling your sign-in credentials.

What Are The Regular AOL Mail Sign In Problems? sign in problems are also possible, just like in many other email domains available around the world. Even if you are a tech-savvy person, you might run into problems that might need a word of guidance from experts. So here are some pointers you must follow.

  • You might not be able to access your AOL email account on the phone.

  • Sometimes the AOL mail sign-in page could be out of service or not working due to server problems. But you can always try again or maybe return to it later.

  • You could also end up getting an error message while you are in the process of the AOL mail sign in.

  • Sometimes it could be the case that the web browser you are using does not support AOL mail sign in or AOL login, therefore you can try another option to get it done.

  • You could be faced with an AOL mail sign in screen completely black in color.

  • You could also face Validation issues, which at times become technical. For that matter, you can also call up the helpline number, where able technicians will guide you responsibly and help you solve issues that deserve to be addressed in right away. You can find the number online or in one of your telephone diaries.

There can be several other issues that you might face, too. If you are confronting any of the previously mentioned email sign in issues and need to dispose of them, follow the upcoming segment.

(FAQ) AOL Mail Sign in

Why AOL sign in?

We earnestly hope we have been able to sort out your problems related to the AOL sign in email. There are people who still have some questions regarding AOL. Follow the pointers below:

AOL email still exists?

Certainly yes! And why should it not? Till 2012, AOL had a dedicated user base of 25 million people. By 2016, AOL became a much-bigger user base after acquiring Verizon. The Verizon users joined the already huge family and since then, AOL is becoming bigger and better.

How to change the AOL e-mail address?

Here are the pointers you must definitely follow in order to change your e-mail address.

At the AOL email sign-in page, click on ‘Login’.

Login by entering your current AOL email and password.

Now, click on “Sign in”.

Go to the “Settings” tab right away.

Click on “Compose”.

Scroll down the same tab and select “Your Name”.

Here the username before “” will be displayed.

Click on it and enter a “New Username”.

Check the box that says, “Other contacts will see this username when they read your emails”.

Click on “Save Changes” and send an email with a new looking address.

It is that simple to change the username of your email.

What is the process of recovering the old AOL account?

1. Go to the sign in page.

2. Remember entering your “additional email address” or “phone number” earlier? Enter that in the sign-up process.

3. After entering the details, click on “continue” and check the box that says “Yes, send me a verification code”

4. Enter the code you would get on your mobile phone and you will be redirected to the “Account Recovery” option.

5. And here you will be with your old AOL email account

6. Now all that you need to is choose the account you want to be active on.