Natural Stimulation

My project explored the mapping of a space through the senses. This structure enables the audience to be involved in a sensory experience while outdoors in a natural space, aiming to concentrate and expand sensory stimulation. The structure uses heterotopias to produce a space that the user may have experienced before through previously encountered senses, linking memories to the area. I investigated the importance of being outdoors in the natural world exploring textures through touch. Involving the local community in the planting of the trees in and around the structure. The process of planting, while learning new skills, allows others to meet new people and acts as a sheltered meeting place. This green space would lead to a sustainable structure that would grow over time with the help of its audience. Nature allows the structure to be a positive space to be used as a rehabilitation zone as the hospital, located nearby, enables patients and visitors to escape and use the space as a calm, safe area.

Instagram- Ambermorleydesign