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In modern times, there is hardly anybody who is unaware of the benefits that Amazon Prime comes with. But still, if you are completely new to Amazon Prime or Amazon TV, then you have landed at the right place. After activating your subscription via, you are entitled to get many benefits that come along with it."covid-19"

With the Prime membership, you are eligible to get a wide range of services that will make your life much easier. First of all, all the prime members are subject to get free and fast delivery of products along with unlimited streaming of videos. Apart from this, they also get exclusive access to offers and deals prior to non-prime members. If you wish to enjoy the many benefits of Amazon Prime on your smart TV, you can navigate to to activate your subscription.

Features of Amazon Prime

• Being a Prime member, you can easily download the content for offline watching.

• You can also connect it with your iPhone/iPad as well as Chromecast.

• Users are also entitled to view the IMDb data.

• You can also stream shows directly on your compatible smart TV.

Create an Amazon account to get started

To get started with using any of the benefits that come with your Amazon membership, it is necessary that you create an account on the same platform. However, users are also provided with the option to create an account at the time of activating their subscriptions. But, if you are ready with it well in advance, then it will be helpful for you. The steps to create an account on are listed below:

1. From a web browser, go to

2. Now, you need to look for the option reading as "New to Amazon”.

3. After that, click on the “Create Your Amazon Account” option.

4. On the registration page, you need to provide all the necessary details.

5. Click on the "create account" button to proceed further.

6. For account verification purposes, you will receive an OTP on the provided phone number.

7. Enter the same OTP to continue the process.

8. You can also verify your account at verification page.

9. In case you are opting for any paid subscriptions, enter your credit card details as well.

After you create and verify your Amazon account, you can get started with using your subscription. To activate any service, all you need is - device Registration process

1. Go to the Amazon My TV page.

2. Type-in your Amazon account login details.

3. Hit the 'Login' button to proceed further.

4. On the next screen, you shall be asked to enter your

5. Else, go to enter code.

6. This code shall be the same that you have copied from your smart TV.

7. Make sure have entered the code correctly.

8. Once you enter your code, click the 'REGISTER DEVICE'.

But, one thing worth noting here is that the steps may slightly vary depending on the smart TV model you are using. "covid-19" - device Activation process

With the help of your, users can easily activate their subscriptions on their smart TVs. Here is how the process goes:

1. First, open your smart and launch the play store. App store in it.

2. Find and add the 'Amazon Prime' app to your Channel's list.

3. After adding the app successfully, you need to launch it.

4. Once you do so, you need to look for the 'Registration' option.

5. Now, you will see the enter code on your screen.

6. Make a note of this code and copy it to your clipboard.

7. Go to from any device.

8. Log in to your Amazon account with the login credentials.

9. Ensure that you input the Username and Password correctly.

10. Now, enter the copied code on the enter page.

After following the steps given in the section above, you will be able to activate your subscription. In case you are asked to select your cable service provider, you need to do that too.

How to activate Amazon Prime on Roku?

1. From your device, go to the home screen of Roku.

2. From the menu available at the left, select "Streaming Channels".

3. Scroll down to find out "Amazon Prime Video".

4. Click on it when you find it.

5. After this, select the "Add Channel" option from the Prime page.

6. If prompted, enter the Roku.


The same account creation, registration, and activation will be followed for using Prime benefits on your FireStick. All you need to do is go to the firestick page and enter the activation code here. Make sure you keep this safe and enter it correctly in order to avoid any hurdles in the future. verification roku verification enter code firestick.