123.hp.com/setup And Quick Installation

To setup HP Printer on any device (computer, phone etc) you need to download the appropriate driver for your HP printer. This can be done easily by selecting the correct printer model before downloading the drivers (Supporting Software).

However you must keep in mind the following important points before you begin your HP Printer setup.

  • We have listed below all the models of HP printer. Select the appropriate model to download the drivers.

  • Always ensure that the HP printer is turned ON at time of setup and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as with the system. You can do this by enabling the Wi-Fi button on the printer to make it discoverable on the network.

  • Check your firewall settings before beginning with the setup to make sure that the firewall is not blocking printer driver.

Setup HP Printer Through 123.hp.com/setup - Step By Step Guide

123 HP Com Setup - Ways to Connect HP Printer to Router (Wireless Setup)

  • Firstly, turn on your wireless printer and use the touch screen display to setup HP printer in a wireless manner.

  • Now from the touch screen, press the ‘setup’ button and select ‘network’ option from the menu.

  • Thereafter select wireless network setup wizard from the ‘network’ menu. Now your HP printer will search for the wireless routers available in the range. Select your network from the list.

  • Enter the WEP/WPA passphrase for the network and then press ‘done’. Now press ‘OK’ to confirm the settings. Press ‘OK’ again to print the wireless test report.

  • Now your HP printer has been setup on your wireless network.

  • Lastly download and install the printer driver from 123.hp.com setup page to finish the process.

Installation of HP Wireless Printer in Windows Through “123.hp.com/setup“

To install HP wireless printer on your Windows operating system, follow easy steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on your printer to initiate the setup

  • Now connect HP printer with the Wi-Fi router. If you are not aware of how to do so, check the steps mentioned previously.

  • Now visit “hp.com/setup” website and download the drivers for the HP printer model you are using.

  • After finishing the download, go to the folder where drivers are saved. Double click on the driver & follow the easy to follow on-screen process to set up the drivers on your system.

After finishing the setup, follow these steps for adding the printer to your PC

  • Go to the “Control Panel” and click on the “Device and Printer” option

  • On the next prompt window, click on the “Add Printer” at the top right corner.

  • Once you choose the “Add Printer” option, you will see a tab from where you can select your printer and then click on the “next” to continue.

  • Wait for a few moments to connect HP wireless printer with the computer.

  • Finally, your HP wireless printer setup is complete on windows via “123.hp.com setup

  • You can try to test print any document now.

How do I connect my HP printer to Mac through “123.hp.com/setup”?

To connect Mac computer to wireless HP printer follow the below steps:

  • Firstly ensure that the printer is on.

  • Then connect HP printer with a wireless router (we have mentioned the steps for the same previously)

  • Download your printer’s driver from HP’s website “123.hp.com/setup” for MAC OS.

  • After the driver is downloaded, double click on it to begin installation process.

  • After the installation, continue to the next step of adding on the printer in the MAC

  • Go to the Apple menu and choose “System and Preference”.

  • Now Click on the “Printer and Scanners” Option

  • Click the “+” sign present on the left-hand side corner.

  • Next screen will display with your printer model. Select that now and click the add button to finish the 123 HP setup on your MAC.

How Will You Connect The HP Printer To The Mobile Phone via 123.hp.com/setup

  • Firstly make sure printer hardware is in a working condition

  • Ensure that the mobile device and the printer are using with the same WiFi network.

  • Now download the HP ePrint App through 123.hp.com/setup on your mobile phone

  • Next, choose the data usage preference on mobile and click on the “Done” Option.

  • Now the “Home Display” on your mobile will prompt a window. Here choose the “Grant Permission” for the setup and also adding your email account.

  • Now proceed with the instructions on the screen to easily access the file you want to print.

  • Now Open the HP ePrint App to print any document or file.

  • Hit on the File

  • Now go to the file folder and choose the document to print.

  • Finally, the process complete. Now you can connect hp printer to mobile via 123 hp.com setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to 123.hp.com/setup

If you are left with any question, the following guide of answers to the most frequently asked questions on HP printer installation via http//123.hp.com/setup will come in handy.

Q. How To Configure HP Printer?

There are 5 stages to set an HP printer at your home or workplace. Follow the steps of the stages one by one and successfully configure it via 123 hp com oj3830 setup.

Unpackaging your HP printer

1: Once you arrive home/ office with your latest HP printer, unpack it immediately.

2: Remove all the content from outside the printer such as tape and packaging.

3: Remove the tape and packaging from inside as well and take out the HP printer.

Power Settings

1: Once the packaging is done, take out the wire and plug-in.

2: Plug-in to your operating system and to the power source and turn the ‘Switch’ on.

3: Now, go to the ‘Printer Control’ and then,‘Settings’ to set the following requirements before proceeding:




4: Click on ‘Save Changes’ to submit the information.

123.hp.com/Setp up the Ink Cartridge

1: Open the door of the cartridge and wait until the carriage is idle before continuing with further steps.

2: Insert it into the ink cartridge after removing the tape.

3: Make sure that you have enabled the ‘Sound’ option as a ‘Click Sound’ will notify that ink cartridges have been securely configured.

4: Now, follow the on-screen information and finish the alignment of the ink cartridges

5: Open the ‘Paper Tray’ and load it with the blank white papers. Make sure that the papers are of correct dimensions and quality as per what has been set into your operating system. Otherwise, the paper may get stuck.

6: Now, connect the HP wireless printer with the computer by opening the ‘Driver’ folder.

7: Select the ‘Name’ of your printer and enter the ‘Printer Model’ to confirm the OS version.

8: Choose the ‘Type of the Connection’ and follow the rest instruction given on-screen.

Q. How to set up HP Printer to a WPS/ Wi-Fi Connection?

If you want to connect your HP wireless printer with your Wi-Fi network, you must follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. The following method is effective, easy to execute, and does not require any technician’s help.

1: Make sure your operating system and network are compatible with each other until logging in.

2: Go to the 123.hp.com/setup page and find your printer configuration, then search for the ‘Printer model number’ and press the ‘Install’ button.

3: Now open the ‘Downloads’ folder and double-click the ‘Printer setup program’ tab to open.

4: Turn your ‘HP Wireless Printer’ ‘On’ and prepare your printer to connect to your operating device.

5: Reach to the ‘Network’ section by following the instructions given on-screen.

6: When an option of ‘Wireless printer’ will prompt on your screen, click on ‘Ok’ and ‘Next’.

7: Now click on ‘Yes, give the printer my wireless settings’ and wait while your wireless printer connects to the operating system.

8: Once you receive all the related information. Hit the button of ‘Finish’ and print the documents using the newly configured wireless printer.

Q. How To Install An HP Wireless Printer Via CD Media?

The installation procedure of an HP wireless printer into your operating system completes in just a few steps. To begin with the steps, buy a CD of HP printer from the official HP India retail shop and follow the subsequent lists.

1: Take out the CD from the pack and insert in your Disk Drive

Note: You must ensure that the CD has no scratches. "123.hp.com"

2: Your operating system will notify you about the CD inserted, click on the message


2: Click on the ‘Start’ button and go to the ‘Computers’

3: Double click on ‘CD Drive..’ and open it

4: Hit the button of ‘Run’ after reading and agreeing with the ‘Terms and Conditions’

5: Follow the on-screen instruction, if any and the installation process will complete

Now, you can scan and print any document via your new HP printer.

Q. How Can I Make My Mac Recognize My HP Wireless Printer?

If you want your Mac device to recognize the new HP wireless printer, read the below-mentioned and implement them one by one.

1: Switch ‘On’ the HP wireless printer and complete the configuration procedure to connect the device with the internet network. Select the Wi-Fi network name and enter the WPS credentials to connect.

2: Click on ‘Menu’ to open in on your Macbook and select the option of ‘Software Update’. This is to cross-check if there are any new updates available for your printer.

3: Go back to the ‘Menu’ and select the ‘System Preferences’ option.

4: Now open the section of ‘Hardware’ and click on the ‘Print and Scan’ option’.

5: Select the option of ‘Nearby printer’ by clicking on ‘+’ button.

6: Select the ‘Name’ of your printer by clicking the ‘Default’ tab.

7: Click on the ‘IP’ tab in case you did not find the name of your HP wireless printer.

8: Enter the correct ‘IP address’ of the printer and hit the button of ‘Add’.

Q. How to reinstall HP wireless printer?

If you want to uninstall your HP printer software from your computer and then reinstall it, follow the instructions:

1: Start the Windows operating system and type ‘Devices and Printers’

2: Once the ‘Device and Printer’ folder is opened, look for the ‘Name’ of your printer that is installed

3: Right-click on the HP wireless printer software and choose ‘Delete or Remove’ from the enlisted options

4: Press ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys together to ‘Run’ the command

5: Now, type ‘printui.exe/s’ in the ‘Search Bar’ and hit the button of ‘Ok’

6: Open the ‘HP Printer Driver’ and if it gets detected, click on ‘Remove’ option

7: Remove all the other instances of HP printer software

8: Restart the operating system, before that close all the tabs

9: Once the PC starts after a while, download and install your HP wireless printer via 123.hp.com/setup page

Once you apply all the aforementioned steps you will be able to uninstall and reinstall the HP wireless software immediately.

Left with more questions? Drop them into our comment section and get immediate answers.

We are hopeful that this detailed and informative guide helped you. In case you could not follow any of the above-mentioned procedures and seek some help, contact our customer support. HP Instant Ink .