Speakers' contributions

Francesca Cutruzzolà

Academics at the Forefront: the Challenge of Teaching in PhD Schools

Tiziana Pascucci

From Teacher Training to Faculty Development in Sapienza

Luciano Saso

Biosciences in the Digital World

Janet Macaulay

What is the Role of Laboratory Classes for Future Biochemistry Graduates – IUBMB Lecture

Nestor V. Torres Daria

Flipped Classroom Teaching of Enzyme Kinetics for Biosciences Students

Loredana Le Pera

Teaching Practices for Active Learning

Marika De Acetis

Engaging Learners with Interactive Tools: A Publisher's Perspective

Judith G. Voet

Accounts of a Biochemistry Educator: Spectacular Rewards and Cautionary Tales

Donald Voet

The Role of Textbooks in Modern Biochemistry Education

Veronica Morea

Teaching and Learning Biochemistry: What Bioinformatics Can Do for You

Louise Beard

‘Incentivised Reading’: Using an Online VLE to Improve Engagement and Attainment in Student Learning

Francesco Malatesta

Frontiers in Enzymology