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   I MB      To each a great Manhattan Beach!

Working for You – Passionately Serving Our Community! 
Welcome to my website!  I am so excited to offer this service to the residents of Manhattan Beach. My goal as your (former) elected official is to make it easy for you to be informed about Manhattan Beach and our activities. I hope to always have important public information available for you to review and refer to. Your comments and suggestions are very much welcomed and greatly appreciated. Open communication and inclusive government is very important to me.

It is my sincere pleasure serving you and our wonderful Manhattan Beach community as a member of the City of Manhattan Beach Senior Citizen Advisory Committee, a founding/current Board Director of the Manhattan Beach Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), serving on the Board of
 Directors of the Manhattan Beach Historical Society (Vice President), Beach Cities Health District Finance Committee, L.A. County Assessor Advisory Council, and as a longtime, dedicated volunteer for numerous Manhattan Beach community organizations and events.
Yours in service,
Wayne Powell                                     
Former Two-Term Mayor/Councilmember 
City of Manhattan Beach 
 Note: Design and maintenance of this website is not at city/taxpayer expense.


       City of Manhattan Beach Website:  www.CityMB.info 🏪
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        Terms of Office:  March 17, 2009 to March 19, 2017; Re-Elected March 5, 2013 to April 4, 2017
        Mayoral Terms:  May 1, 2012 to February 19, 2013 and September 16, 2014 to July 7, 2015
       Manhattan Beach City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays at City Hall (1400 Highland Avenue) at 6:00PM.
       ~~  Watch City Council meetings live and rebroadcast on Spectrum CableTV (Channel 8) and on Frontier FiOS TV (Channel 35). 
       ~~  City Council meetings are also webcast live (and web-archived/podcast for 24/7 viewing) on the internet at: Webcast. 
       ~~  Current and past City Council meeting Minutes and Agendas are available on the internet at: Minutes & Agendas. 
       Your presence and participation is always welcomed and contributes to good city government! 👍
       Manhattan Beach Information & Resources: ℹ️
       ~~  City Events Monthly Calendar 
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       Note: Live updates are posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
      Special Community Events: 
       ~~  Special Events and Community News Updates: Click here.👈🏻
         ~~  Mayor (ret.) Wayne Powell's Town Hall Meetings:
             Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness - Info | Video 👈🏻  
            • Shark Symposium - September 18, 2014 - Video 👈🏻  
            • Meet The City👍 October 30, 2014 -  Info | Video👈🏻 
             Ocean & Beach Safety - May 14, 2015 - Info | Video👈🏻 
                    🏊 Manhattan Beach Pier Rescue Demo - Video👈🏻 
      ~~  My Community Interactive Forum - June 26, 2018Click here.👈🏻
         ~~  'Powell to the People' 🎙 Weekly Radio Show (Mondays 1-2pm PT): Listen 👈🏻

       My Mayoral Theme:   Honoring the many outstanding people, places and
       organizations that make Manhattan Beach the community we all love!   IMB©
       Beach Reporter
       Mayor's Walk 'n Talk:  Walk along the scenic Strand and talk! - Beach Reporter
       First Mondays – Meets at Peet's Coffee (328 Manhattan Beach Blvd) 
        Third Mondays  Meets at North End Cafe (3421 Highland Avenue) 
       Mayor's Town Hall Meetings:  See Special Community Events above.
       Mayor's "Why IMB" Art Contest/Exhibition:  For information - Click here 
       The theme is "What I Love About Manhattan Beach" (paintings, drawings and photos).    
       Mayor's Highlights:  State of the City Messages - 2012 | 2014  
        ★  Mayor Powell's initative to remove the total time limit on audience participation 
           allowing every resident to speak was approved by the City Council: Daily Breeze 
        ★  Mayor Powell receives United States Conference of Mayors award: YouTube 
        ★  Mayor Powell receives Wyland Foundation National Mayor's award:
        ★  Balanced budget is adopted;  City's AAA bond rating is affirmed (highest bond
           rating; only 1 of 2 California cities to achieve rating). Curtailed wasteful spending.
        ★  Mayor Powell's initative to extend the smoking ban to include The Strand and
           the Greenbelt/Veterans Parkway was approved by the City Council. 

        ★  Worked vigorously to obtain pension reform to control unsustainable costs.
        ★  Initiated the Mayor's Town Hall Series ("Earthquake Safety/Preparedness" and
           "Meet Your City" Participatory Government public forums): View Video  
       ★  Led the successful fight to keep the Broad Beach (Malibu) residents from taking
          500,000 cubic yards of Manhattan Beach offshore coastal sand: Daily Breeze 
           Watch my 'CBS This Morning' TV show interview: CBS News 🖥 
       Led the successful fight to eliminate a blighted vacant lot that was an eyesore
              in our city for many years: Easy Reader Beach Reporter 

       Facilitated the tarball cleanup and prosecution of a major oil pipeline company:
           Beach Reporter | Daily Breeze 

       'I Love MB' is proclaimed Manhattan Beach's Official Song: Beach Reporter  📰
           Video of song: YouTube  📺      Song Lyrics: Beach Reporter  🎼

       Mayor Powell demands LAX & FAA stop unsafe flights over MB: Beach Reporter 

         Mayor Powell is nominated for appointment to the California Coastal Commission
           by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors: Beach Reporter 
       ★  Mayor Powell is elected to the Independent Cities Association (ICA) Board of 
          Directors: Press Release 

       Mayor Powell elected Chair of the L.A. County Beach Commission: Press Release 

        Mayor Powell meets President Obama at the White House for a non-partisan
          meeting to represent Manhattan Beach: Beach Reporter | Photos  🇺🇸 

       My 'Drone Safety and Privacy' Ordinance was unanimously adopted:
           Daily Breeze | Beach Reporter | Easy Reader   

       My 'Free Public WiFi in MB Parks' Initiative is unanimously adopted: Free WiFi 

       My ordinance to get blighted and unsafe abandoned properties abated and
          rehabilitated was unanimously adopted: Beach Reporter | Daily Breeze | KFI AM 640 

       Voted against closing City Hall on alternating Fridays and on unnecessary, costly
           consultant contracts and other wasteful spending: Beach Reporter 

       My Campaign Finance Disclosure Initiative was unanimously adopted: Beach Reporter 

       Contact Me:  IMB©
      How am I doing (suggestions/ideas)? Email me 👈🏻
      I am here to represent you!  Please contact me anytime you have a concern.
      Also, please contact me if you would like me to attend your community event. 
     You can email the MB City Council at: CityCouncil@CityMB.info
     and/or the City Manager - Bruce Moe at: bMoe@CityMB.info 
                    ~~~~~~~ Magnificent Manhattan Beach  the city we all love! ~~~~~~~

    Photo & Video Gallery  Click here 👈🏻
               Guest on Local Edition                      ABC7 TV News Interview                    Meeting with L.A. County
                 TWC Headline News                                                                                      Supervisor Don Knabe

 Manhattan Beach In The News   See videos and newspaper articles below:

 [Headline News TV Interview] 👈🏻 Open & Inclusive Government

  [California Edition TV Interview] 👈🏻 Sharks in Manhattan Beach

 ☞[TWC Local Edition TV Interview] 👈🏻 White House Visit with President

 ☞ See newspaper and print articles (pdf files) attached below. 🗞📰

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