Professional Activities

Short CV

since 2018 Full Professor for Cryptography and Privacy Engineering (ENCRYPTO) at the Department of Computer Science of Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.
2012-2018 Independent Claude Shannon Research Group Leader and head of the Engineering Cryptographic Protocols Group (ENCRYPTO) at the Center for Research in Security and Privacy (CRISP), formerly European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC SPRIDE), at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.
2011 Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) in the System Security Lab, Technische Universität DarmstadtGermany.
2008-2011 Doctoral Researcher (Dr.-Ing., equivalent to PhD) and Research Assistant at Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI) in the System Security LabRuhr-University Bochum, Germany.
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2007 Research Internship at Bell Labs, Security Solutions/Cryptographic Systems, Murray-Hill, NJ, USA on "Practical Secure Function Evaluation" (host: Vladimir Kolesnikov, PhD).
2003-2008 Diploma (Dipl.-Inf. Univ., equivalent to M.Sc.) in Computer Science at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany.
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I am doing research in privacy, cryptographic protocols, applied cryptography, and computer security, including:
  • Privacy-Preserving Protocols
  • Secure Two-Party Computation Protocols
    • Efficient Secure Two-Party Computation Protocols (see ABYTASTY)
    • Secure Evaluation of (Semi-)Private Functions, Universal Circuits (see FairplayPF, FairplaySPF)
    • Function Representations and Minimization (Circuits, Neural Networks, Branching Programs)
  • Compilers for Cryptographic Protocols
  • Hardware-Assisted Cryptographic Protocols
  • Cloud Computing Security (see AMID)
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My Erdös Number equals 4; the path is T. Schneider - M. Fischlin - S. Goldwasser - L. Lovasz - P. Erdös.


I am / was involved in the following projects.


since 2015 BMBF & HMWK CRISP Center for Research in Security and Privacy
since 2014 DFG CROSSING Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments


2013-2016 EU FP7 PRACTICE Privacy-Preserving Computation in the Cloud
2012-2016 LOEWE CASED Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt
2012-2015 BMBF EC SPRIDE European Center for Security and Privacy by Design
2011 EU FP7 TClouds Trustworthy Clouds
2008-2013 EU FP7 ECRYPT II European Network of Excellence in Cryptology
2008-2010 EU FP7 CACE Computer Aided Cryptography Engineering
2007-2009 EU FP6 SPEED Signal Processing in the EncryptEd Domain

Honors & Awards

2016 6. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitspreis 2016 Finalist - our submission "Praktikable Private Schnittmengenberechnung" was among the 11 finalists selected from 45 submissions 
2012 Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award
2012 Wissenschaftspreis im Datenschutz und in der Datensicherheit der Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit (GDD)
2011 Finalist CAST PhD Award IT Security
2008-2011 Ruhr-University Graduate Research School Fellow
2008 Finalist CAST BSc Award IT Security
2008 ASQF Sponsorship Award for Excellent Studies
2007-2008 Leonardo-Kolleg Fellow at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
2007 Best B.Sc. (Vordiplom) at Department of Computer Science, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
2004-2008 German National Academic Foundation Stipend (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
2003-2008 21. German Informatics Contest (Bundeswettbewerb Informatik) Finalist and Laureate  

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