Research Interests: Development Economics, Economics of Education, Labour Economics, Political Economy.

Published/Forthcoming Papers

  1. "Land Use and Cropping Decisions of Agricultural Households in India”, with S. Chandrasekhar and Vijay Laxmi Pandey, Food Security (2022)

  2. "Gender Segregation in Education: Evidence from Higher Secondary Stream Choice in India", with Stephan Klasen, Demography, 58 (3), 987–1010 (2021)

  3. "Seasonal Migration and Feminization of Farm Management: Evidence from India ”, with S. Chandrasekhar and Hema Swaminathan, Feminist Economics (2021)

  4. "Are Educated Leaders Good for Education? Evidence from India”, with Rahul Lahoti, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 176, 4262 (2020)

  5. "Employment Transitions of Women in India: A Panel Analysis”, with Sudipa Sarkar and Stephan Klasen, World Development, 115, 291–309 (2019)

  6. "Household Expenditure on Higher Education in India”, with S. Chandrasekhar and P. Geetha Rani, Economic and Political Weekly, 54(20), 52–60 (2019)

  7. "Land-holding, participation in agriculture and short-term migration in Rural India”, with S. Chandrasekhar, Asian Population Studies, 15(2), 209–227 (2019)

  8. "Intra-Household Gender Disparity in School Choice: Evidence from Private Schooling in India", Journal of Development Studies, 53(10), 1714–1730 (2017)

  9. "Does Access to Secondary Education Affect Primary Schooling? Evidence from India", with Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Economics of Education Review, 54, 124–142 (2016)

  10. "Female Labour Force Participation and Child Education in India: Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme", with Farzana Afridi and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, IZA Journal of Labor and Development, 5(7), 1–27 (2016)

Working Papers

  1. "Biased Teachers and Gender Gap in Learning Outcomes: Evidence from India", with Sonali Rakshit, IZA Discussion Paper No. 14305 (2021) [R&R]

  2. "Is economic development affected by the leaders’ education levels? Evidence from India", with Chandan Jain, Shagun Kashyap, and Rahul Lahoti, WIDER Working Paper 68/2022, UNU-WIDER (2022) [R&R]

  3. "Social Identity and STEM Choice: Evidence from Higher Secondary Schooling in India", with Anand Kumar, GLO Discussion Paper No. 900 (2021) [R&R]

  4. "Who Eats Last? Intra-Household Gender Inequality in Food Allocation Among Children", with Dipanwita Ghatak, Sudipa Sarkar, and Varun Sharma (2021) [R&R]

  5. "Female economic empowerment and human development in low- and middle- income countries: A meta-analysis", with Pooja Balasubramanian, Marcela Ibanez, and Sarah Khan (2021) [R&R]

  6. "Affirmative Action and Application Strategies: Evidence from Field Experiments in Colombia", with Ritwik Banerjee, Marcela Ibanez, and Gerhard Riener, DICE Discussion Paper 362 (2021)

  7. "When Criminality Begets Crime: The Role of Elected Politicians in India", with Nishith Prakash, Deepak Saraswat, and Reetika Sindhi, IZA Discussion Paper No. 15259 (2022)

  8. "Gender Segregation in Education and Its Implications for Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from India”, with Stephan Klasen, IZA Discussion Paper No. 11660 (2018)

Other Publications / Reports / Policy Articles

  1. "Using the Rotational Panel Data from the Periodic Labour Force Survey: A Cautionary Tale", with Shihas Abdul-Razak, SSRN Working Paper (2021)

  2. "When criminality begets crime: The role of elected politicians", with Nishith Prakash, Deepak Saraswat, and Reetika Sindhi, Ideas for India (2021)

  3. "Employment entry and exit by women in India", with Sudipa Sarkar, Ideas for India (2021)

  4. "Does female economic empowerment promote development?", with Pooja Balasubramanian, Marcela Ibanez, and Sarah Khan, PEGNet Policy Brief No. 17 (2019)

  5. "The impacts of interventions for female economic empowerment at the community level on human development: a systematic review of the evidence in low- and middle-income countries”, with Marcela Ibanez, Sarah Khan, Anna Minasyan, and Pooja Balasubramanian, Campbell Systematic Reviews (2017)

  6. "The effect of interventions for women’s empowerment on children’s health and education: A systematic review of evidence from low- and middle-income countries”, with Sebastian Vollmer, Sarah Khan, Le Thi Ngoc Tu, Atika Pasha, Campbell Systematic Reviews (2017)

  7. "Gender bias in school choice”, GrOW G2E Policy Brief No. 4 (2017)

  8. "Does maternal employment benefit children’s education?”, GrOW G2E Policy Brief No. 8 (2017)