Mascoma Sailing Club
at the Mascoma Lakeside Park in Enfield, New Hampshire

About Us
The Mascoma Sailing Club is located on South Main Street, Enfield, next to the Northern Rail Trail on Mascoma Lake. Our mission is to make the sport of sailing affordable for everyone and to introduce people to sailing. (Read more...)

Our public sailing programs have been on hold since the onset of the C-19 pandemic, but we hope to reinstate them as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

The club is open from May until the end of October. Members who own boats can arrange to use Club moorings. Dinghies on dollies can be conveniently stored at a nearby property. The Club also owns sailboats that are available to members who are experienced sailors.

Sloop races are held according to the interest among the membership. Through an affiliation with the Northeast Sailing Association, members may participate in NSA-sanctioned regattas held throughout northern New England.

Those who join the Club can make use of the Club's two Javelins, a Rhodes 19, and two Lasers on dollies, provided that one is a qualified skipper who has had an orientation to the boats. Membership forms and boat use policies can be found in the set of links in the left column of this Web page.

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Application materials for the 2021 season have been posted!

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Application materials for the 2021 season have been posted: