The Scrutton Group at Manchester

Our mission - to understand the catalytic power of enzymes and mode of action of photo-activatable proteins, and to exploit their use in sustainable chemicals biosynthesis and industrial biotechnology programmes.

Explore these pages to see how we are developing pioneering probes of enzyme mechanisms and harnessing this knowledge in biocatalysis and synthetic biology programmes. We enjoy integrating the use of instruments in experimental research, such as variable pressure and cryogenic stopped-flow, rapid quenching, magnetic field dependence instruments, ultrafast pump-probe UV-visible-IR laser spectroscopy, fluorescence up-conversion and laser flash photolysis. We are developing specialised liquid handling robotics and automated technology platforms for accelerated biocatalyst redesign and multiple anaerobic facilities for automated enzyme purification and reaction analysis. Work in the group is interdisciplinary and we recruit from physics, chemistry and biology backgrounds. We work across wide ranging timescales (femtoseconds to seconds), and spatially across the quantum, atomic, molecular and cellular levels.

Keywords: enzyme biocatalysts • quantum biology • quantum tunnelling • photochemistry • enzyme design • directed evolution • enzyme mechanisms • enzyme structures and dynamics • synthetic biology • chemicals biosynthesis • nanoscale bioengineering • biocatalysis • metabolic engineering

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