• Public Health Regulation and Mortality: Evidence from Early 20th Century Milk Laws, Journal of Health Economics (2017) 56, p. 126-144. [PDF]

Working Papers:

  • Community Monitoring and Crime: Evidence From Chicago's Safe Passage Program (joint with Robert Gonzalez; R&R at the Journal of Public Economics)
  • Can Community Crime Monitoring Reduce Student Absenteeism? (joint with Robert Gonzalez; R&R at Education Finance and Policy)
  • Comprehensive Support and Student Success: Can Out of School Time Make a Difference? (R&R at Education Finance and Policy)
  • The Effects of Welfare Work Requirements on High School Dropout and Teen Unemployment: TANF as a Conditional Cash Transfer.

Work in Progress:

  • Punishments, Monitoring, and Crime: Evidence from Chicago’s Drug-Free Zones (joint with Robert Gonzalez and Ranae Jabri)
  • Local Air Quality and Student Absenteeism (joint with Emily Pakhtigian)
  • Telemedicine and Student Outcomes (joint with Steve Hemelt)